We will miss the beach…Dauphin Island Dec. 2020

Every walk on the beach has been different. Cloudy, windy, cold.

Sunny, blue skies, breezy and almost warm…it is December after all.

Every walk has been an adventure. Walking out on the pier that is only over the sand now, finding out that it once went way out over the water, but several hurricanes changed that. Riding our bikes from one end to the other of the island is about 13 miles, so somedays we go to the “east” end and some days the “west” end. Beaches, but different, so different.

Several walks at low tide revealed a horseshoe crab and several small stingrays, then we saw this huge jelly fish wash ashore. Wow, just wow!

I have enjoyed and really been amazed by the footprints left in the sand by different birds and the jewel like appearance of tiny round jelly fish (we think) washed ashore in different patterns. So much to see and enjoy, thank you Dauphin Island.

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