Pelican Nest Rv resort-Dec. 1-26, 2020

When we were here in August we spent our afternoons lounging around this pool, not so much in December. Our view from the second story deck was the same, we sat in the sun there whenever we could. The view across the street was over the dune to the beach.

This was the sunset view from the deck on 12/21/20, we were looking for the Star of Bethlehem, which hadn’t been seen since the 1200’s. Two planets connecting to cause the star affect. At the end of such a horrible year I think many looked at this event as a sign of hope for things to come. We were on the deck with Judy, John, Lori and Bob.

We did some silly, fun things like… take our Christmas tree to the beach. We had lots of fun with Judy, her creativity and adventurous spirit was such a joy.

We rode our bikes and found art galleries and took pictures in front of a grouping of Christmas trees, they had a contest on the island, these were my favorites.

We decided to leave the island before Jan.1st, Checking weather we just need some warmth, the temps here in December just aren’t as warm as we had hoped, add the fact that temperatures are always lower on the water and the wind never seems to stop here, we are moving on. That being said we’ve met some wonderful people and made some new friends that we hope to stay in touch with and see on down the road sometime soon again….

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