December 27, Holden, Louisiana

John Schneider’s Studio, Harvest Host. To say this place is eclectic is an understatment. As the pictures will show we had a fun evening walking around the property. We didn’t walk through the entire 100 acres but we did enjoy stretching our legs.

This view of the water was so cool and right when I went to take the picture, I could see a rainbow! I was so excited that I managed to get some of it in this picture.

These two came running out and if I hadn’t been previously warned in the reviews I might have been afraid, just by their sheer size if nothing else. The two of them and their other friend, who I didn’t capture in this picture but you might see in another picture, were all just vying for love, they actually pushed each other away so they could get the attention. I told Paul, we really need a great dane!

There was tons of free cut firewood, we and our not so little friend in the background attempted a campfire, the temps quickly dropped and the stars came out. The dogs, all three of them are free to just wander the property, the great danes look like tiny horses in the distance and even close up like this guy below.

Looks just a bit errie in the picture but this bridge leads to 3 really cute tiny houses which are for rent.

My photos don’t do these places justice but they have vintage trailers, tiny houses, an air stream and the caboose that they rent out on AirBnb, so cute and fun to come across on our walk. There are a couple of houses that they rent out either the whole house or just bedrooms. We saw about 10 shipping containers on the property, we think they will be renovating them for rent also.

The inside and also the deck area are used for music venues

I have to admit I was dazzeled by all the white lights. They also shoot movies on this property. We met John Schneider, we were never into the tv show, Dukes of Hazard but that’s what made him famous, I think. He has produced several movies filmed on his property, it was cool to see some of the tiny prop settings of little houses and cars that become scenes in a movie. Thought I had a picture of that but didn’t.

John has concerts on the property also, he told us that he’s had 10,000 people attend some of them. It is a huge property, 100 acres but I can’t imagine where that many people would park, and enjoy a concert.

If you look hard you can see Paul standing next to the guitar, it was so big and bright at night.

The zip line went to several different areas, John said they have all kinds of things going on when they have a music venue.

This car is the famous “General Lee” it’s a Dodge Charger, from the Dukes of Hazard. They went through 46 cars because they were constantly doing jumps with them in the show and demolishing them.

This guy is actually a grill and the smoke comes out his nostrils!

Enough said…

This was the walkway that lead to the nature trail, it’s a bamboo forest and so incredibly cool!

This was a fun Harvest Host, different from what we have stayed at before. It was really nice to be able to walk all over and explore as much as we wanted, and of course we loved the dogs.

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