The drinking water is bad, now they tell me!


We have a filter on the on the potable water hose from the facet, we have a 3 part water filtration system under the kitchen sink that Paul put in for drinking water and we’ve been drinking water from this facet for almost 3 years. I noticed the second day here that the water had a very slight salty taste to it. I drink alot of water, it’s actually my beverage of choice, (besides coffee, of course, oh and wine), the salty taste got worse and worse.

We went to the office to ask some questions and during that time just asked, has anyone else complained about the water tasting salty? There were several people in the office, they all looked at us like we were nuts, and at the same time said “oh, don’t drink the water!” They preceeded to show us this flyer that explained that the water was not good to drink, too many nitrates probably caused by pesticides leaking into the ground from all the farming. What?!!! No one had told us, note to self, if you come into a campground over a holiday weekend and the office is closed make this the first question you ask the person you talk to on the phone, in this case it was Sherrie, who had been wonderful about giving us a site and letting us wait to really check in until Monday, but we got here on Friday. At this point we are both still alive and feeling well, no obvious problems.

So, another first for us, buying our drinking water. There are numerous sites around the city where machines dispense drinking water for 25-35 cents a gallon. But you have to buy containers to put the water in from the machines. Sigh… so off the Walmart we went, we found a 7 gallon container. But I thought I should maybe disinfect the inside of the container before filling it with water, we took it home, but we bought 2 gallons of water in the store. The shelves were almost empty of all bottled water and we paid $1.18 a gallon. Wow, just wow.

We were really tired after walking and searching for things and then going to Walmart, we were rewarded with this sunset on the way back to the campground.

One thought on “The drinking water is bad, now they tell me!

  1. It sounds like your extra curricular water search activity adds a new activity subject to your days. Your sunset is beautiful. We are at our home in Florida now. We arrived Tuesday evening. We are in the upper 60s today


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