We accidentally went to California


We decided to take a ride into Yuma, to check it out, we were looking for a paved bike trail called the Yuma Crossing Bike Path (Colorado River Levee Multi-use trail). We went up over the river on a overpass and the sign said Welcome to California, just like that! Well, we are easily amazed and I didn’t get a picture of that sign but these are the California mountains. We were in the city of Winterhaven, seems like I’ve heard of that city as the retirees city of choice here. (or is that in Florida?) But honestly we only saw a couple of campgrounds on the river and that was it, we must need to go further than we did, we turned around because we were on a mission. Now we can officially say we have travelled coast to coast!

We found one of the places we were looking for, this is called Pivot Point Interpretative Plaza. It’s the exact site where the first railroad train entered Arizona in 1877. It’s a very real 1907 Baldwin steam locomotive sitting on a section of the orginal track alignment. There was supposed to be an audio system playing the recreated sounds of a passing steamboat, the swing-span rail bridge cranking open and the arrival of a train at the old Southern Pacific Hotel. It wasn’t working but it was cool to walk up the steps and through the engine area, it was enormous!

The plaza preserves one of the few remaining artifacts of the original rail line, the concrete pivot on which the rail birdge turned to allow boats to pass.

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