Our 1st bike ride in Arizona, maybe our last…


We found Yuma’s “greenway” and decided to check it out. It started at the East Wetlands Interpretative Trail and even though it didn’t say it, it ended at the West Wetlands Interpretative Trail, all in all about a 7-8 miles round trip ride.

Beautiful day, sun shining a few wispy clouds and the high was 73 degrees, we had a false start when we went back for our hoodies, amazing that we could be chilly at these temps.

Several things happened, I reached a milestone!


Who would have thought that I, me, myself, could ever ride a bike a mile much less 500 miles!?! Especially since I hadn’t been on a bike for 50 years, actually it might be more like 53 years! But I did, here’s proof! True it took almost two years but I am so gateful that we found these bikes, it truly has opened up a whole new direction for us when we travel. We are not mountain trail bikers or even road bikers, (although without me I’m sure Paul would go anywhere) but he has deferred to me and we look for the paved trails (greenways) everywhere we go.

It was such a nice ride, through parks along the Colorado River. We went under the Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge which was the first highway crossing of the Colorado River, this was a crucial link that made the transcontinental highway possible. We road around the Yuma State Territorial Prison and out into the wetlands. Here are some pictures of things we saw along the way.

This was fun! After we stopped to take the pictures of the flowers and the seemingly endless trail that we had just come down, we returned to our bikes. We had for the most part been on a paved trail. My rear tire was completely flat! Earlier Paul’s bike had lost the use of his rear break… sigh…here we come repair shop.

Our Ebikes have a neat feature, there’s a “walk” mode, using it allows you to walk your bike (up hills is great) with it actually going on it’s own, powered, you just steer it. So that helped us in walking back to the car which we figured was over a mile.

I had to share our sunset enclosing… what a glorious way to end a day…

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