Today we went to prision.


We set off yesterday to do two things, the first was to drop our ebikes off at a bike shop for repair. We had talked to “pool” Terry he raved about another bike shop but we took them to the one downtown, or in Historic Downtown Yuma. It will probably be a week till we get them back, both bike shops are that far behind in work.

We decided to walk around town, there were a few shops open but we live in a 160sq.ft TT, I honestly want for nothing. Paul wanted to go into the antique shop and look around, but with covid, masks and not needing anything…well, I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe when we pick up our bikes.

The second thing we were going to do was go to the Yuma Territorial Prison Park, but we never made it. We walked around town and then decided we were hungry so we chose a place for lunch. We went into a courtyard which was really pretty, it was part of a restaurant, we looked at the menu on our phones, no one ever came to wait on us, so we wandered around somemore.

There were some real scary criminals in the area, like this one…

This was the front of the Lutes Casino, we didn’t go in but this looked like fun. This criminal was pretty cute so I caused a distraction and a jail break and took him with me. 😉

We ended up at this restaurant, which was next to Da Boz where we had gone previously for pizza. We try to support the cities we go to, as with this city, so many are hurting from lack of business due to covid. I thought their logo was very creative and inside was interesting, with metal topped tables and the actual beer brewing going on right in the restaurant in big vats. We don’t drink beer but it was a fun place to stop, we had fish and chips in a beer batter, not bad.

I really enjoyed walking around town, this was a train engine welded out of metal parts.

So then we did go thru the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park, above are a couple pictures from there and somemore below. It wasn’t a very big prison, 32 cells, but the cells were carved out of the stone mountian by the prisoners. After it closed in 1909 a high school used it for classes as a new high school was built, after that it fell into disrepair in the mid 1900’s but then the people of the city got together and raised money to make it into the park. USA today touted it as “Best Haunted Destination in America” It was only open from 1876-1909. As you walked by some of the cells they had a recording playing, it was supposed to be people who had died in the cells.

Then there was this hardened crimial.

The view was stunning from up on the hill, you could see so far. We had ridden our bikes previously on the paved path you can see below, we decided to walk it and ended up with over 5 miles for the day 11,810 steps!

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