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So hard to believe we have been in Arizona for 11 days at Southern Mesa RV park in Yuma. It feels so natural, we’ve gotten into a rhythm in less than two weeks. We’ve enjoyed much sitting in the sun talking about how wonderful it is to NOT be sitting in the snow in northern Indiana. There are no bugs, no humidity (almost at all) and honestly the sun does shine everyday, all day with hardly a cloud in the sky.

If I were to talk about the downside, it would be the dust. Arizona is extremely dry and sometimes quite windy. I can smell the dust all the time. We went to a farmers market in a shopping area parking lot and on the way there we saw in the distance the sky was a different color and looked odd. Then we realized it was dust being blown by the wind!

BUT what a small price to pay for enjoying this sunshine. We’ve been surprised that at 70 degrees we are cold, but then we were always told that’s how it is in low humidty climates. It’s a different world here from the midwest, Indiana to Georgia, if it didn’t get to 120 degrees in the summer I might be tempted to stay here all the time. Later this week it’s going to be in the low to mid 80’s, temperatures that would have me slowing down and starting to get miserable in Indiana, I can’t wait to see what it is like here.

There is one other small downside to Yuma in January…pigeons. Apparently, although I have’t put the Google on it, pigeons breed here, and they are very noisy doing it. They fly into and off of our tv antenna, along with everyone else’s. It’s an odd sound, not one that I like waking up to. Kind of a heavy”dong” sound. Oh, and did I mention that they coo? Maybe that’s not the right word but they are calling to each other all over the park, swooping and landing and flying around in there crazy dance. I won’t miss them at all.

We are doing our normal Monday thing; laundry, groceries, water and then much planning. We are going to start taking day trips to see all the things we’ve looked forward to in Arizona. We feel like we’ve explored Yuma and even though we will leave our TT in the campground till the end of the month we are on the move.


We traveled today to Quartzite or the Q as locals call it. It was a nice hour and a half ride about 120 miles or so.

These metal sculptures are huge! Such detail it was amazing to see them. We will be going back to Q next week. We wanted to check the place out before the “Big Tent” event that happens every year here. It’s like Shipshewana on steroids only for RVers mostly. We don’t really need anything, it’s not about the shopping but the walking and then the sight seeing. We can enjoy looking at all kinds of weird, vintage and possibly useful things while getting our steps in. We are trying so hard to walk at least 2 miles a day if not more, this is good motivation.

So I found these goofy guys outside of a open air restaurant where we stopped to have a burger, they had live music and it was a good place to rest our feet for a minute. The other pictures are of dome and castle rock which we could see off in the distance as we drove to Q.

Near Dome rock is an old ghost town called Castle Dome Mine Museum and Ghost Town. It’s suppose to be about 50 buildings to explore, it’s an outdoor museum. They let you walk around for $15 a head, if you want to go into the mine on a tour it’s $80 each. The tour boasts seeing fluorescent glowing rocks…when did things get so expensive?! I think we will pass.

As you drive to Quartzite on 95 you drive through the Yuma Proving Grounds, YPG. This is where they test all kinds of guns, tanks and explosives out in the desert. There is a museum, which is free but in order to be allowed to go to it you have to go through a background check. You must provide your licence, car registration and proof of vehical insurance. There are tanks and other large military guns and such outside and you can also walk around and look at those. It’s alot of history, we may stop in on our way to Q next time.


Today we hiked Telegraph pass. Hiking is something we have never done, just walking around is enough of a challenge for us.

It was hard to take pictures that really showed the vast beauty of this place. But the white windy line is the trail. It went up and down quite a bit on a gravel path. The red line you see on this map is what we accomplished, 1.7 miles, it’s a 5.4 mile trail. I think we might have been able to do about half of it if we had really tried but we were being cautious and wanted to be sure we could walk the next day. When you are about 2-2.5 miles in the trail takes a steep angle to the top of the mountain where there is a guest book you can sign to prove you made it, that was not enough incentive, we turned around.


We saw another flea market advertised on TV, so we went. We are always looking for tank tops for Paul, believe it or not these are not found everywhere. This was the cleanest and most organized flea market I’ve ever seen. And if that wasn’t enough this was there, not really sure why, but we do love our quirky.

You can tell that it was huge, I tried to lighten the picture, there was just too much shade. The thing was made over the top of a shed and the body was formed from fiberglass. You were not allowed to go in or on it but it was a fun thing to see…we are easily amused.

Going to post this now, was thinking about doing a weekly blog (7 days) but I think this is a bit long, what do you think?

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  1. Well, we certainly enjoyed every day. I read it out loud to Paul while he was doing a project called painting. I am so glad you guys are enjoying your quirky selves.

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