Somewhere in Arizona



The title makes you think we are wandering, that we’ve left Southern Mesa CG but we have not. In fact we are trying to figure out if we should even leave. With the fear of not finding a place to stay because “everyone was rving” we joined a group called Escapees before we left Indiana in October and I scheduled stays for a month at a time in this order. January in Congress, AZ, February in Deming, NM, March in Livingston, TX, April in Summerdale, Al and 2 weeks the beginning of May in Georga. Only the last would not be an Escapees cg. This was after we had spent the month of November in Georga and December on Dauphin Island, Al.

Looks good on paper right? We canceled our Congress reservations with the hope that we could get into the Escapees Kofa CG., in Yuma because Congress was too cold, all the sites are owned and there are no reservations at Kofa. You just show up and hope for a spot. They will let you sit in their “dry” spots for up to 7 days for $7 a day while you wait to see if a spot would become available.

But we were ready to find a home for the month of January and so I found literally 1 mile away, Southern Mesa cg. We were told that the “Canadians” usually come and book the place full, many spots here have park models that they would come back to, but the boarder is closed to them and so this camp is only about half full. Also, it’s just been sold and the new owner has already begun to clean it up. In the picture below you can see the asphalt road, those were done this week. New gravel will be put in the sites as they open up.

Yuma, Az is warm, it’s warm in January! Today it may break a record for January and reach 85 degrees! So, now that we are really spoiled with warmth in January, we are looking for somewhere warm for February and I don’t think Deming, NM is it, so cancel that reservation.

We had actually decided that we would go north in Arizona to Lake Havasu area and the Grand Canyon, then I thought I should check the temperature’s before booking campgrounds. February is not peak season and I had read a good time to go in these covid times as its not busy at all however it is colder, 48 for a high and low teens with possible snow for the Grand Canyon in February! What?!

I feel like I just woke up from some deep sleep to this realization!

But these are not normal times, and Covid has to be figured into the equation. February is considered off season, and a lot less people visit. March thru May and Sept, Oct. are the peak times to visit.

This all has to be taken into consideration, because we will be covid correct and stay away from crowds or mask up and try for 6 ft away, plus hand sanitizer with us at all times.

Cold temperature’s are not really fearful, we have coats, hats, gloves…but it’s our little TT, it cannot endure those teen temps.

Then this happened…

I always sit at my dinette and watch the sunrise, we’ve been here half a month and this morning was the first sunrise like this. These pictures don’t do it justice. I actually went out in the middle of the street in my pajamas and took this picture! The sky was so incredibly beautiful, I almost cried at the glory of God in this sunrise!

And I had to wonder, as I was putting all this down so I could try to figure out our next steps, was God telling me to take a breath?


So I took a breath for a couple days…

I got pictures of a fantastic sunset…

This was how the sky looked as it went below in the horizon

Then the sky turned a dark grey, almost purple. I was stunned it was so beautiful.

Then this happened…

The sky turned so golden and then the colors feathered into each other!

I always love the way the palm trees turn into black silhouette’s against the backdrop of a magnificent sunset…

But you’ll never guess what’s happening now?! It’s RAINING!


It rained all night, all day and all night, then the sun came out.

We were amazed, it hadn’t rained here in months. Now everything is so much greener and we are seeing flowers bloom here and there. This is Lake Mac, named by Paul. We had the only puddle in the campground and all the birds enjoyed bathing and drinking the water.

Here’s a fun fact. If you are eating a salad the lettuce was most likely grown in Yuma, AZ. But I just told you it hadn’t rained in months, yet look at this luscious field of lettuce which is mostly water. The farmers here are amazing with the system of viaducts and water spillways. They flood a seeded field and whala within days it looks like this. They also grow alot of Kale, I didn’t get a picture of that field. It’s much darker and a bit taller but just as perfect. Lettuce is such a big deal here they have a festival and a “lettuce drop”, I didn’t really check into that but it is what it sounds like.

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