WE are DONE… with Yuma, AZ


1/26 I find it really amazing that we are ready to leave a place so quickly.

We’ve been in Yuma for less than a month, at one point we thought we’d stay here through February and go to the Grand Canyon, however, we did not check the weather. It’s cold and they have snow there and that word, that four letter word does not fit in our vocabulary much less our travel plans (if we can help it) any longer.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve enjoyed Yuma, the things we’ve seen and told you about but we have run out of “quirky” and are getting restless.

Here are a few pictures of “quirky” or just beautiful things we’ve run across in this area…

Oh and I think I should share this…

This is the readout on my ebike. It’s so hard to believe I’ve actually ridden 500 miles! True I fell off of it at least 5 times (maybe more) but for someone who hasn’t even ridden a bike in over 50 years… come on, that’s an achievement!

1/29 It’s really windy here today, it woke me up at 5am, so here I am, thinking about alot of stuff, as usual.

We are leaving in 3 days and I’m ok with that. The park has really cleared out quite a bit since the work on the wall is over, so many people here were “work campers”. This was literally a place for them to sleep and go to work. They were never here on the weekends, I think they went “home” wherever that was. At any rate, for us, it’s kind of nice to have no one around us, the views are much better. lol

I want to share some pictures of the mountains, they are amazing and a totally different view than we’ve ever had.


Although I like the mountains, and the way the light changes their appearance depending on the time of day my most favorite thing remains…sunsets. And so I’m adding a few of my favorite Yuma sunsets as we prepare to leave not only Arizona but New Mexico on our way to Texas…see you there!

Oh wait! That’s quirky not a sunset, just checking if you were paying attention. ;p

2 thoughts on “WE are DONE… with Yuma, AZ

  1. We are faithfully following your journey. Enjoying every mile of the way. Looking forward to the next quirkiness. Lalie & Paul


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