Tucson, Arizona


Let me begin by saying that this place is a keeper. A return keeper, it’s called Gilbert Way Campground, in the Tucson Mountain Park at the base of the Saguaro National Park. A lot I know, but the price is not a lot at $20 per day, with electric, for everyone…not just old people. lol

It’s just so beautiful here, believe it or not the desert here is lush. I know I’m going to take a hundred pictures, so I’m going to start right away with adding them…hang on!

I woke up, sat straight up in bed and said out loud “I’m missing it!” I flattened my hair out a little bit and ran outside (well, I didn’t run exactly) and caught this before it was too late.

I actually noticed two things at once, first when I stepped out the door, it was warm…whoa! Then I saw this sunrise! I was just so caught up in the beauty and magnitude of this amazing sunrise, it just shouts, “Glory to God!” and that’s why I love sunrises.

Here are some quirky pictures from our journey …

The picture above was our view upon entering the campground, just caught the very end of the sunset.

The next day we spent at the Pima Air and Space Museum. This was something we were going to stop at the last time we were in the area but it didn’t work out, so we made sure we took it in this time. By the end of the day we had walked over 5 miles, that’s 11,200 steps! This place was huge, 26 acres, easy to social distance. Unfortunately it was only an air museum as the building that housed all the “space” was closed for renovations. Big disappointment.

I tried a filter, I thought it made this picture seem “old timey” and I’m not just talking about Paul. lol

The clouds were strange this day, it was bright and then dark. Hopefully you can see Paul underneath the wings of these two ginormous planes.

Someone had decided it would be a cool thing to paint some old planes, perhaps a wave to WWI and WWII planes that were painted to boost moral. These were decidedly different than those. They were all hand painted using acrylic paints and they were quite the art installation.

This was the sunrise the next day…

We went on about a 1 1/2 mile hike, right from the campground, it was fun. We noticed that this campground has a lot of active people who walk and ride bikes all over, we loved it! We didn’t ride our bikes on anything other than pavement but the campground had a fun roadway through the 3 different loops, with little hills. The speed limit in the park is 15 mpg I had to slow down! lol

This was last nights sunset, just amazing.

And so we are on the road again…happy trails..

3 thoughts on “Tucson, Arizona

  1. What a beautiful greeting of pictures and information for my birthday today. Thank you for the update and just keep on enjoying yourself. Love, Lalie


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