Travel days…


2/4–So, Tucson, Az to Deming, NM is approximately 230 miles. We found a little hole in the wall place, well not a real hole in the wall but a very small campground, right off of I10 in Deming, called Sunrise RV park. It was quiet, level and full hook ups for $20, yes please.

I thought a little quirky was needed. lol We stopped at a rest area, these rocks were amazing.

2/5–Deming, NM to Balmorhea, TX is approximately 300 miles. We stayed overnight at Saddleback RV park for the second time. Just as quiet, level and again $20 for full hook ups, right off of I10, as the last time we were there. We even got there early enough for Paul to fly his kite.

See the speck in the upper right hand corner? It was hard to get both Paul (lower left) and the kite in one picture. It was a lovely evening, though windy. It got so windy overnight that it woke us both up with one of the gusts, but we were fine. It was 3:20 am, we opened the door and went out. The wind didn’t seem so bad outside the trailer and the night sky was so dark and full, I mean full of stars! Wow, was that why we were awakened, to see the stars?

2/6-2/8–Balmorehea, TX to Junction, Tx is approximately 251 miles. Let me just add that these are the flattest roads we have ever been on. We will be at Llano State Park for two nights. This area is considered the “hill country”, we’ll see. After two days of just driving and 2 nights of just sleeping, we needed a break. This cg is supposed to have hiking/biking trails and be on a lake, lots of wildlife. Let’s see!?

What a beautiful state park, only 58 sites, but it’s just breath taking. We have trees all around us, coming from the desert this seems strange but also refreshing. Also, birds, so many birds. But what is odd is that they are completely different types of birds than we have seen, although I now know where cardinals go in the winter. lol I’d have to check the website but I think this is the park that boasts over 600 species. You can even pick up a booklet with all the names so you can check them off but there are no pictures, so I’m at a loss.

We were unhooking the trailer from the car and heard a rustling in the bushes, I thought rattlesnake! But this is who wondered out, looked us over and headed off across the street.

As usual, the first thing we do after unhooking and leveling the trailer is to get our bikes out and go investigate the campground. This guy was off quite a distance, I managed to get this picture magnified to 10x. It looked like there might have been more of them running around but we could just barely see them they were so far away.

What a view, yes, this is a clear babbling brook.

2/7- What a great day. We decided to take a hike, we had seen a one mile hike called “Overlook Trail”, so we decided to give it a try. We had been walking for about 15 minutes when we came across this dry wash that was actually part of the trail which went off to the left.

After another 10 minutes we reached this overlook and thought wow, that was a nice little hike. We expected to start coming down now and figured it was just around the bend.

Nope, we for sure weren’t going down, in fact this trail just got narrower and narrower as we curved around this MOUNTAIN.

So, as we rounded yet another switchback we thought, oh, this is it. This is the overlook, so we took a picture. Nope, not the overlook. Another turn and a bit of a level area with a bench. We sat for a few minutes thinking, “aren’t we there yet?!”

Nope, several more switchbacks and the trail just went up, up, up …. until… we… reached… the OVERLOOK.

This was our first REAL hike and (we were glad it was over) did I say that? We were really hoping it wasn’t straight down. But as we walked a little bit further, on really flat ground we came to this sign

Next to it was a parking area

and this was how we walked down the mountain. For the record, it was a 2 mile hike and it was time for lunch.

After we rested for a bit we decided to take our bikes out for a ride. There was quite a bit of paved area but also lots of tails that were part of the parks “Turkey roosting” areas. We never saw a turkey but we did see these beautiful areas.

There were 3 “bird blinds”, we had no idea what that meant exactly. But they were little sheds with seats inside and windows so you could sit there and watch the birds. Each area had a water feature of some kind and lots of feeding areas, all fenced in so you couldn’t distrub but still enjoy the wide variety of birds. I wish I had done better with the pictures and actually gotten some birds.

Yup, just checking to see if you’re awake, that’s a cactus growing our of a tree.

Here’s just a little bit more quirky …

When we started on this path with our bikes we thought, wow, such a nice bike trail for a state park. Well, like they say…. “this is where the road ends”

I will leave you with a little armadillo.

2/8- Llano State Park, Junction, TX to IB Magee Beach campground, in Port Aransas, TX is 303 miles. Can’t wait to see and hear the waves!

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  1. Good morning this Tuesday. We are enjoying your exciting experiences. We are glad you are happy, active and healthy! Paul & Lalie 🌴

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