Port Aransas, TX


We drove through Corpus Christi across the John F. Kennedy Memorial Causeway onto Padre Island. If you turn right you will head towards the Padre Island National Seashore, if you turn to the left you will enter Mustang island (even though it’s all the same island). If you continue to drive through Mustang island, at the end of the island is Port Aransas, and here we are. More on the NS as we explore.

You guessed it, we’re at the beach. Actually we are at a little campground called IB Magee, Beach Park, there’s got to be a story behind that name, I’ll have to find out. As soon as we unhooked and determined the trailer was mostly level, we were out on the beach for a little walk, sunset is 6:16 right now, so it was a short walk, sadly we couldn’t see the sunset. With our windows open we could hear the waves all night, though, it was wonderful.

We are not physcially on the beach but on a nice level concrete slab in the campground that will not allow us to sink and get stuck in the sand, we also have FHU.

The cost is $37 a night, but if you stay a week with the discount it goes down to $29, the monthly rate would put it at $20 per night. This campground as the entire coast was hit hard by the hurricanes last year. The building that housed the office, laundry, bathrooms, showers…all gone. Donna, the office person is working out of a Fema trailer, she doesn’t know for how long. Construction has not started, I guess we might be happy about that as there are no large heavy equipment machines or the noise they would make. Once all that work is done, the rates here will go up significantly, the nightly rate will be $50, but will go down to $27.50 per night if you stay for a month.

I didn’t even know it at the time, but if you enlarge the picture…see the seagull soaring over the water.

I didn’t want to believe the forcast but this is what our weather is forecasted to be right now:

It’s so foggy, we can barely see the camper next to us. Paul said he heard really loud fog horns all night, I for once heard nothing. Although the forecast isn’t my favorite, it’s 69 degrees at 7:10am, I’m not going to complain.

We’re not too sure how long we are staying here, on the island. See the sunshine, a week from Thursday, we should stay to see what that’s like, I guess.

2/9- We got our bikes out of the car and went for a 6 miles ride on the beach! This is something we’ve always wanted to do, and it was fun but scary. The fog was so dense that I was afraid we would hit someone, because all you could see was fog and then pop! There was someone!

We didn’t stop to take any other pictures, because there just wasn’t anything to see. We were amazed to have beads of water in our hair, our eyebrows, running down our faces. Our clothes were wet and all this just from riding our bikes through the fog, it wasn’t raining, again something we’ve never experienced.

However, that didn’t stop people from going to the beach. They came in cars and campers and motorhomes, parked back off the beach but they were camping. People had chairs, chaise’s, beach wagons, dogs, kids…everything and everyone, it seemed but you could tell the “groups” were social distanced from each other. We managed not to hit anyone and although it was just a bit terrifying we enjoyed our ride.

The sun started to come out, we could feel the heat and see the fog disapating in the air, the moisture was just hanging there and floating around, such a strange thing to see.

We decided since the sun was out that we should ride around a bit more and we found this quirky place to have lunch.

We walked on the beach, the water was cool but not freezing…

Being on the end of the island at “Port” Aransas means lots of these guys going by, we could see them from our campsite, over and through other campsites but this was a picture at the end of the island from the beach. Guess this is what all the fog horns were for.

Here’s a bit of quirky, these pilings all along the beach are to keep cars from going out any further towards the water. Many pilings are decorated with knitted or crochet coverings, all very creative and unique. Here is a picture of my favorite one.

Sadly we came upon this jelly fish, we were amazed that it was blue and translucent.

2/12- Three days have passed and we are literally kicking ourselves for leaving Yuma early. This is the weather there:

This is the weather here… need I say more?

Yes, I must…say more, that is.

We left Yuma early because we knew we needed travel time to get to Livingston, TX where we plan to stay the month of March and explore that area. The weather in Yuma looked like it was going to stay in the 50’s, we were actually cold for the first time in our lives in the low 70’s and we thought, hey, we could go to the beach on our way to Livingston.

So, what have we learned? Don’t be impatient with the weather! It will change, go with the flow…all will be well, eventually.

2/13- So the country, the entire country EXCEPT FOR YUMA, ARIZONA is under a winter storm watch or warning!

So… I think we will stay in Yuma next February, maybe even the full winter. Like November through April.

Yesterday our big event was going to Sam’s club and Walmart. Here is a pro tip, maybe you don’t need to know this but … I had a precription that was due to be refilled. Long story short, Sam’s club wanted $95, they would not take the “GoodRX” app price that I showed them. However, Walmart would accept it and they showed $40 for the same prescription. Yay!

Before we came back to our campground we decided to drive down the Port Aransas beach. For $12 an annual sticker can be purchased that will allow you to park or camp on the beach for 3 nights every 3 weeks. If you have a tent you do not need the sticker, hmmm, not too sure I understand. Previously we had seen a couple of tents on the beach that looked like they were pretty ensconced, but we didn’t see them when we drove through, in fact the beach was pretty empty. But it was only 42 degrees!

Here’s to hoping next weeks pictures will look warmer! 😉 Oh, and it’s official Port Aransas is under a Winter Storm Warning from Sunday at 6pm till Tuesday at noon. :p

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  1. Sorry you guys got caught in this winter storm. You should’ve come to Florida. The weather has been perfect. But it sounds like you’re making the best of the worst so far.

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