Port Aransas after the Storm 2/19-2/28

2/19-THE SUN IS SHINING! And the wind isn’t knocking us over. During the 2.2 miles we walked around the edges of our campground we saw a few interesting sights. Look close, these pelicans are almost invisible against the rocks.

This jetty seems to go on for miles, it runs along the beach on the side of our campground, it’s the inlet that all the big ships come into Port Aransas through. The channel is formed by unbelieveable chunks of red granite on either side. This is a newly replaced section of concrete walkway, further down they are continuing the work.

We watched as the two blue boats went out to help this big guy navigate its way into and through the channel. We couldn’t see the one behind until it was going by us. That’s when we noticed that it was tied to the back and was actually going back and forth behind the ship, it seemed to be guiding it along through the channel. The size of this ship was truly amazing, Paul said that it was 1000 feet long. We learned that if the bridge, where the captain steers the ship, is in the back the ship is about 1000 feet long. By the writing on the side we think it might have been Greek.

2/20- What do you do when you are so happy to be outside and the sun is shining? You ride your bikes 10 miles! We took a break for lunch in between the 5 mile stretches but we sure enjoyed the day.

This was part of “Charlie’s Pasture”, the park was named after Charlie Bujan. Charlie was a early resident of Port Aransas and let locals graze their cattle on his land.

It’s now a 1,217 acre Nature Preserve. It has 3 miles of paved bike trails that wind all around it and we enjoyed riding our bikes on them. We didn’t see many birds though, the area is still recovering from the hurricanes. The sea wall looked like a giant had stepped on it and thrown it everywhere. I guess I didn’t get a picture of that. This view shows where the walking bridge used to be.

Later we were riding our bikes on the beach and saw more kites flying, this one was so cool!

It was a beautiful day and we had our first campfire here, the temps stayed around 55 after the sun went down. There was a pretty sunset but the direction it comes down for us is a sea of RV’s that block it, not very picture worthy. On second thought, here is the sunset.

I have to show at least one, right?

2/21- Walking on the beach we found some treasures…not ours to keep, we tried to put them back in the water but not before we took a picture.

2/22 Today we walked to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, we went out the back of the campground and whala, we were there!

Wherever we are I try to find a Facebook page, Port Aransas has several and I found this story to share.

The turtles were stunned by the cold and their little legs would quit working so they would just float to the top but they would forget to breathe!

We had no idea about the ARK even existing let alone that such a fantastic rescue was taking place! Over 850 sea turtles were saved from freezing to death in the frigid waters of the Gulf, sadly they did loose 200.

As you can see from the copied FB pictures, they were putting the turtles everywhere to keep them warm! Later they would put them back into the ocean by letting them ride down a slide into the water.

This sculpture, outside the ARK, holds trash inside it, as you can see by the brightly colored pieces. All along the beach are huge trash cans and yellow mesh bags that look like what grapefruit might come in. They encourage taking a bag on your walk and putting any trash you find in it.

The pictures below show the walking path around the ARK, different areas to sit and watch the birds on the pond in the center.

2/23- We rode our bikes to the marina and stopped at Roberts point park. The free ferry runs 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. If you can enlarge the picture you can see two ferry’s crossing paths, sometimes there were 3 at a time.

The fog here is really something. It was so clear and then we noticed a shrimp boat coming towards us on the point, it seemed to just appear instantly. I wasn’t fast enough to get the shot of it just coming out of the fog but if you look you can see another ships mast in the fog and that’s how the shrimp boat looked as it came towards us.

We can’t get over the fog, these two pictures really don’t do it justice. Fog seems to be a constant thing here, maybe it’s because its February and in the summer there wouldn’t be so much of it with more sun and heat. At times it just seems to roll in and cover everything up. One minute the view is clear the next gone!

2/24- We rode our bikes all over the island today, it’s so nice that the sun is shining and it’s warming up to around 65-68 degrees. But if we ride towards the beach we can feel the temperture dropping, it must change a good 10-20 degrees! So, if we want to ride on the beach we put hoodies on.

Here are some quirky things we’ve seen riding around the island…

2/27~ We ate at MacDaddy’s restraunt and of course we had to have a “Mac” t-shirt.

As we are preparing to leave Port Aransas on Padre Island,TX I’m thinking back to the fact that we weren’t even thinking about coming here until we thought Yuma, Az was too cold at 60-70 degrees!

At that point the “winter storm surge” which the country experienced wasn’t even part of the weather forecasts we were seeing.

We had been thinking about staying on the beach, in several areas you can camp right on the waters edge if you want. We had bought a pass that would allow us to stay by the posts that are decorated, (shown in previous pictures) for up to 3 days. But then we thought we would stay in a campground and maybe check out the “staying on the beach thing” for a night or two.

Then the storm hit and we were so happy to be on a level concrete pad, with water and electricity. Even though we lost those amenities for awhile, when they became available again we felt so blessed.

So far living in a 23 foot travel trailer, which we’ve been doing since mid October, has been relatively easy. Though we were somewhat prepared, if the storm with the electricity outage and water shortage had lastest any longer than it had we would have been out of propane and probably water, in a day or two, with no where to get either on the island we couldn’t get off of.

We give God the glory for keeping us safe and letting us enjoy this season as our hearts and prayers go out to the millions in Texas who were and still are really suffering…

2 thoughts on “Port Aransas after the Storm 2/19-2/28

  1. It was good to catch up with all your days. We are so glad that you are safe and warm and dry. I love your pictures. Today is the last day of February. Dorothy turns 74 tomorrow. All is well here in Florida. We’re going to be in the 80s all week. Keep enjoying and stay safe. Paul & Lalie


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