Livingston, TX~ 3/1-3/8


Man Texas is a BIG state! Of course we all know that but until you’ve driven through it a few times it might be hard to really grasp.

Yesterday felt like walking in place…sort of.

We left at 10am and arrived at nearly 6pm. We stopped for fuel and a quick potty break twice. It was a nearly 300 mile travel day, unfortunately it had two really slow areas of construction on either side of Houston. Note to self, try to find a different way to go next time.

So, here we are.

And where might that be you ask. We are at Rainbows End campground which is an Escapees privately owned campground.

We have an annual membership in the Escapees RV Club, which as the brochure says is;

A Total Support Network For All Rvers

We came into the park at dark, in the middle of a rain storm. Paul expertly backed us into our campsite, hooked up the electric and we jumped into the trailer for the night.

We didn’t level the trailer or unhook the car, we didn’t hook up the water or sewer or even look around… we were done.

3/5~ We took a day to get rested and organized and yesterday we met up with our friend, Judy. We met Judy at Dauphin Island when we were all staying at Pelican’s Nest RV park for a month. It’s really fun to get to spend sometime together again. I love it so much…making friends on the road! Judy is so much fun, she’s a keeper!

We all went to Livingston State Park and took a walk on one of the trails there, it was all boardwalk. It’s a good thing it was a wooden board walk because every other trail we saw was full of standing water. We continued to explore, we found the lake, which was stunning as you can see. The campgrounds were on either side of this area and looked to be new, with FHU’s and concrete pads, all something we’ve learned to look for and value in a campground.

It was such a beautiful day and yes, we did climb the tower! 🙂

3/8~ Good grief, how can days go by so quickly when you’re busy doing nothing?

We took our friend Judy with us to the Lone Star Hiking Trail to Double Lake via Trailhead #11. (That’s the name, honest) in Coldspring, Texas. It’s part of the Sam Houston National Forest. It turned out to be a nice 1.5 mile walk around a little lake, although it was supposed to be 3.5 miles hike. We really enjoyed the walk, it was perfect.

This is Judy-

These were some other friends we found along our way…

I’ll post this blog to keep in my weekly blog plan. Though it’s not a lot of activity, it’s exactly how we are enjoying living our lives now.

What fun things are ahead for this week?!

One thought on “Livingston, TX~ 3/1-3/8

  1. It’s good hearing from you and knowing that you were at a good location for this month. We had a 5 foot alligator in our park pond today. I think the gator catchers came over and removed it to somewhere else. Enjoying 70° weather this week. Hope to get to the beach. We are both getting our first vaccine tomorrow. Keep on enjoying your days.Lalie

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