Livingston, TX 3/9-3/13


We needed to get groceries, an oil change and propane so we decided to go out for breakfast, that makes perfect sense right?

This is the Courthouse Whistle Stop Cafe and Downtown Treasures. Maybe the name came from being across the street from the courthouse, not sure if a train went by at some point to add the “whistle stop” part of the name. We got to walk through the shop on our way to the restaurant, it was fun to see lots of unique things for sale or just displayed, like this guitar, it was signed by Micheal J. Fox.

This table was across from where we sat for breakfast. At first I saw Betty Boop winking at us with her catfish but as my eyes came back to the plate that had a morsel of food on it I had to get up and read the what the sign said. If you enlarge the picture you can read it too… wow, just wow, what an incredible gesture.

We always enjoy walking around these old towns. Look at this, it’s The Fain theater, not sure if it’s still in operation but how cool that it’s still standing and a part of Livingston.

Aren’t the oddities of a small town great? There was no signage for the chair, just whoop there it is.

We thought the sunflower was beautiful and then we saw the spiral staircase, boy I really wanted to climb that!

Then there was this odd old building, it must have really meant something to the city as it was being shored up by huge metal posts that were attached to the ground with metal plates. All of it was rusted so we thought it had been there for awhile…. you just never know what you might see!


We went to Huntsville State Park and hiked the Dogwood Trail out and back, it turned out to be a 2.2 mile hike. The weather was cloudy and for the first time in quite awhile we felt humidity.

Then we saw this guy taking a nap in the mud right off the shore, at one point he arched up and we saw that his back had little spikes on it.

The sign said don’t tease or feed the alligators. No matter how much we tried to bait him with witty teasing remarks, he just wouldn’t come up out of the mud (sometimes you just have to break the rules a little bit) đŸ˜‰

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