Livingston,TX 3/14-3/21


Spring has sprung in Livingston, TX! All the trees are getting green and full of life on their seemingly black dead branches. Seems like I’m hearing more birds too, although that could just be my imagination.

Judy went with us to an open market in Pedigro park, it was funny because they had Christmas decorations still up. It’s March, right? Anyway, this is one of those drive through arches, would have been so cool to drive through it. This park has places for camping with electric and water at sites through out the park. We were a bit surprised by the camping but thought it was a great idea, wish more parks would do this.

We went to Engine #5 park and walked around for a bit. Not alot of information here, it was a very small park but the steam engine was real and so was the house below.

They had to put up the orange barrier because the roof was literally falling apart. They had moved the house from somewhere and put it on pilings with metal plates to keep it level and intack, I’m sure. I wonder what they will do about the roof, it just didn’t hold and was on the porch. Sunlight could be seen clear through the sides of the building, so hard to believe that people lived in houses like this. Maybe it was a one room school house but who knows…


We all went to Shrimp Boat Manny’s for lunch, not sure if you can read the story on the menu but it’s kinda fun to try to read outloud.

We didn’t have any Alligator but we did have some really good fried pickles and shrimp.


Today is “Max the traveling kittys’ ” 3rd birthday, he is Judys’ kitty. Max is super sweet and so soft to touch, he is such a great traveling companion for Judy. Judy and Max invited us over to their “house” for Max’s birthday dinner, which was very yummy. Judy is a good cook…Max not so much. Max tried on several stylish birthday sombrero’s and so of course we all had to get in the act, it was so much fun to hang out with them.

3/18~ We had to make a Walmart run but first we decided to go out to eat so that we wouldn’t be too hungry and buy too much. That’s a good plan, right?

It’s fun to go to local places, this place is called Florida’s Kitchen “Home of the Comeback Ribs” (not sure what that means exactly) But what you see below is a salad called Florida’s Special Salad. Whoa! I dug underneath all that meat and enjoyed a really big green salad with avocado, boilded egg, tomatoes, onion and cheese. The next day Paul and I shared the BBQ for lunch.

Every restaurant we’ve gone to here in Texas seems to have their very own “special” red sauce. We finially asked if they would tell us what was in their “special red sauce” at Floridas. I was so disappointed to learn it was mayo and ketchup. Believe it or not it was good, though.


We haven’t really been doing much or going anywhere, just hanging out, so it must be time to head on down the road….

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