Airport Park, Waco, TX 3/21-3/25

3/21~Not exactly what you were thinking when you read “Airport Park”? This is an incredibly beautiful COE on Lake Waco, there are actually 4 parks on this huge body of water. When we got here we were amazed that the gravel had been raked and the site was just pristine.

Of the four parks, I chose this one because it was close to the airport. Paul was not disappointed. I think we had at least a half dozen planes fly over us while we were setting up, they were all types, we never knew what we were going to see when we looked up.

You guessed it, the next thing we did was get the bikes out and go for a ride. What fun! We love the hilly, windy roads that seem to be the mainstay of COE’s! We get to take in a whole park and find the best hills to fly (oh, I mean ride) down.

We got here around 3pm so that gave us the afternoon to enjoy the park in the sunshine. In the sun it was warm but there was a really strong wind that made us cold, but hey we put on our hodies and off we went… after all it’s only March.

I was really excited to see that the sun would set right in front of us over the water! It had been awhile since we were positioned so that we could actually see which way the sun rose and set.

Isn’t it fantastic that every sunset is different?! Even though the sun never came out of the clouds more than this I felt it was a stunning sunset. The silhouette of this tree in the foreground, the water, the clouds…

Aack!! The next morning we looked out the window and saw these guys, they were huge! They’re buzzards and ugly as can be! I opened the door and yelled at them to leave and they flew up onto the roof, it sounded like “we” were stomping up there with spikes on our shoes! So I slammed the door a couple of time and they finally flew off but what a sight to wake up to!

After the craziness of waking up with voltures we decided a cloudy day would be a great day for walking around Waco and going to the Silos.

Just had to take a picture of this guy…armadillo’s might just be my new thing.

As we walked around town it was fun to see differnt places, we had yummy burgers at The BaCKyArD bar and grill. They had a neat outdoor area set up for bands with seating on top of shipping containers.

The Silos area is divided up into several different activity areas. This seating area has a manicured lawn that must be maintained using tiny scissors, it’s immaculate, every square is perfect! There’s also a beautiful white front outdoor fireplace, it looks like it gets used sometimes.

These are the “actual” silo’s behind me which is now the stage they’ve set up for preformances or lunch, whichever might be happening at the time.

This church was beautiful inside and out. Reading below you can see that they saved this little church from demolition.

We were riding our bikes (pictures to follow) and stopped to pet a really cute dog named Mattie, we spoke with her owner, Linda, about the area. Linda said that the area of Waco was horribly poor, like 51% of the population. There is a lot of road construction and other renovations on old buildings going on all over the downtown area, it’s getting a wake up call from the popularity of the Silos and the Fixer Uppers, Chip and Joanna Gaines. Linda spoke of how they had moved and renovated this old church and allowed the homeless people who congregated under the roadways for church, which are now being demolished and rebuilt, to come and have their Sunday services in the green area around the church.

Besides lots of other unique areas to sit and eat or rest there was this area. An actual baseball field complete with the score board and concession stand had been constructed. Kids were in the field goofing off and throwing a ball around.

A beautiful garden shop was also part of the Silo’s, this was as close as I got, just social distancing and besides how many plants can I plant in a 23ft travel trailer?

The next day we went for a bike ride. This greenway path was out of the campground about a mile down a semi busy, windy, narrow road. I’ve never ridden on “the road” before and it was a little out of my comfort zone. The reward was this really great paved biking/walking path. It went over a dam that was on lake Waco. The views were stunning and the ride ended up being almost 12 miles which is WAY out of my comfort zone!

Finally, we had our sunset…

The next day as we were dumping our tanks and getting ready to leave we saw about 10-12 deer, I managed to get a few pictures after I freaked out a bit first. Wow, just wow, so beautiful!

and of course one last airplane… what a great park… we hope to come back.

2 thoughts on “Airport Park, Waco, TX 3/21-3/25

  1. Well we enjoyed another tour with you cousins. I love the fact that you’re having such an adventurous time. Your pictures come through loud and clear. Keep on keeping on and we will be waiting next Friday to see what you’ve been up to. Love, Lalie & Paul

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