3/25-3/27 Indiana wants me…

3/25~This week we are heading back to Indiana. We left the wonderful Waco Airport RV park, in Waco, Tx and decided we were going to be back in Indiana by Saturday, yes, I mean the 27th of March. We have never traveled this fast, about 400 miles a day, that’s alot for us retired folks who like to go at a leisurely pace of 200 miles a day, or at the very least travel by the rule of 3’s; 300 miles by 3 pm… that’s it, nothing more!

~So, we stayed at a Cracker Barrel in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. (who names these cities?) It might have been fine if it wasn’t for the fact that we ate too late and so our tummy’s were bothering us. Then I was using a battery powered fan instead of the plug in (no electric) and it just wasn’t loud enough, but it did provide just the right amount of air circulation. Then there was the fact that we had forgotten what it was like to stay over night in a CB, this one in particular had semi’s coming in all night long delivering products. Let’s just admit it, we might be done with CB.

This was a really nice rest area in Arkansas, it has a huge (you can tell by Pauls size next to it) tree with a seat and tv screen inside. The other standing tree trunks had interactive things to do on the faces of them, but they were all covered in plastic that looked like trash bags to keep people from touching them. This would have been a great place for kids to stretch their legs and maybe learn something but I’m not sure why the building was open, there was nothing you could do inside, not even use the rest rooms, they were locked. There was a separate building with restrooms that were unlocked for use.

It was a beautiful rest area inside and out, well done, Arkansas.

3/26~I like to search for places to stay overnight that are right on or just off the road we are traveling instead of having to take off down some little windy road just to get to an overnight spot, especially when we are tired. Right off of Highway 57 is a cute little campground called Hilltop RV park, it’s in Goreville, Il. There is a state park just down the road but it only has electric for $20. Hilltop has full hook ups for $25. Tranlation= long hot showers, no concern for water consumption or our grey water holding tank exploding. (that never happens, oh, maybe I should never say…never)

We took a walk around the little campground in the evening and saw these beauties…

How wonderful to see the first signs of Spring!

3/27~We are once again, up and on the road by 8ish. We have found our “fast track” groove. With 400 miles to get under our belt today, if we just stop for quick potty breaks when we get fuel and a sandwich around 1pm we should arrive around 3-4pm. Of course this is going at around 60 mph, the most fuel efficient.

We’ve seen gas go from $1.79 to $3.08 in southern Illinois. But once we hit Indiana we saw prices around $2.60. It goes up every year in the spring but still it’s a little hard to take. Paul’s really excited because we are heading towards 13 miles per gallon which is great pulling our TT.

So, we did arrive in Elkhart, In about 5pm. I had seen rain forecasted literally for the whole route, but God knows my fear of rain and thankfully kept it at bay until we arrived in Elkhart. Wonderfully, I didn’t have that horrible fear I’ve felt in the past, it was simply a spring shower…nothing more.

I’m working on getting faster as far as taking pictures while we’re driving. This caught my eye in the distance and so I was ready by the time we came up on it. How beautiful!

The message on the fence said “Truckers Welcome” that might be the best thing someone “on the road” could see. I lost count on the number of semi’s we past on the road. So many people making their living this way, on the clock, making time, because time is money. Stopping in rest areas and truck stops for sleep and food. It’s not a good life but it’s a living.

As we’ve traveled the roads since Oct 2020, I’m reminded of all the miles Paul put in while he was a trucker driver. It takes a really special person to be able to manage the roads the way he does. The skills that are ultizied while driving mile after mile after mile, especially now with so much new construction, different types of roads and many different types of drivers on the road.

Paul loves to drive, it’s his super power. It’s taken me awhile to relax and be a good passenger… I’m still working on that.

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