3/27-6/27, 3 months in Elkhart, or so…


To say we hustled is nothing short of the truth. Boy, we have a lot of stuff!

Paul had this great idea, so we went with it. We had been thinking all along that we wanted to get a screened in tent, to use at campgrounds if it was buggy and we wanted to be outside and to store our bikes in out of the weather. So, we decided to get it now and we could use it to put all our stuff from the Traverse and travel trailer in until we could load it into the new Motorhome, (future MH).

At first I thought, that’s double the work. Taking everything out and putting it in the tent only to take it all out and put it in the MH. In my minds eye we would just take stuff from one and put it in the other. BOY AM I Glad We Didn’t do that!

First of all this whole process is exhausting! Good grief, what has happened to us? We used to be able to accomplish so much in the course of a day…

I think that this process, the ultimate downsizing, being so emotional is much harder on us than any work day ever was.


Above is a picture of the tent, it’s really cool. Pretty much one piece, you pull the sides and top and whala! A tent! No floor, but we bought solid sides to add for protection. It all folds up and goes back in the bag so we can put it in our “garage” (MH storage area)

This is what came out of the TT, well, not the picnic table, heehee. You can’t see all the stuff that’s behind the picnic table, there’s alot out of view. Plus, we had put our bikes in the Traverse and several other things which you can’t see right now, whew, we really packed that car! Now to unload it into the tent too!

I know you’re thinking, what’s the problem, the MH is much bigger than the TT, well… sorta.

The physcial living space of the TT was 20′ the MH is 25.6′ front to back, bigger but if you take out the front cab area, where the drivers and passengers seats are its actualy less, excpet for that inside space. Space I can pack things around…hmmm

Also, we don’t have the Traverse or our “garage”, we have Sparky, it’s a Chevy Spark. Did I show you Sparky? We will be towing Sparky behind the MH.

Paul put Sparky in front of the TT as if we were pulling it, this is a pretty funny picture. Here is a picture of the Traverse pulling the TT.

So, you can see we lost quite a bit of space.

Then It’s a different space in the MH and the places to hide things are different and access from the inside is different.

Here’s an example; in the TT there was a pass through storage from one side to the other, it actually went under the couch. I could lift up the couch (of course on the inside) and get anything out that I had stored under it or access could be from either side on the outside. In the MH we have a pass through but it is not accessible from the inside. So, I either have to go outside to get the stuff I stored under the couch in the TT which are now outside in the new pass through or I have to find a new home for them inside the MH.


Ok, we can do this.

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