Still in Elkhart 3/27-6/27


Our New Home

I decided that after the last post where I’m lamenting all the work to be done putting everything in our new home…I should show you our new home. So here it is! Tada! More pics to follow, I’m sure 😉

We actually picked it up 2 weeks ago, on the 16th and we are completely “almost”moved in. I said almost.

This is how it currently looks…

This is how I hope it will look someday soon…sigh…(how it looked when we picked it up)

On this side you can see the couch slide behind the drivers seat, in the picture above you can see what the inside looks like with that slide in. It was important to us to find a MH that would allow us to “use” it completely even if the slide was in.

But what I really wanted to show is the storage in the back. See the open door, well on either side is another door. The storage goes clear across the back. We call it our “garage”.

We used to call our Traverse our garage because we would put the 2 rows of seats down and inside we put: both our bikes folded and put in two 55 gallon totes, our firepit and the propane tank, our 2 person inflatable kayak, a small air compressor and a multitude of other bags and such.

The struggle is real… will it all fit in the new MH? Not much will fit in our little Sparky, but I’m sure we will cram as much as we can in the back seat.

We are currently working on getting the rest of the stuff out of the “shed” aka tent. The we have to have a place for said tent oh and the new Blackstone grill I got for my birthday… ok, no more shopping!

So, here’s Sparky and our new Motorhome. We are really enjoying both of them. The red car, Sparky, makes us feel like we are in a little sports car, really zippy!

So, here it is.

We are moved in and loving our new home.

So many windows, so much light.

We have more living space with the table between the driver and passenger seats and the couch with the table in front of it if we want it.

We love the colors and finishes… we are truly happy campers.

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