Elkhart 3/27-6/27


Today is the first of May, why is that significant? It’s not really, just another day but I am amazed and blessed that I can get up and enjoy my coffee, look out my windows (which are many now) and see different views if we choose each day.

Here are the views this morning…

This is a great little campground, well not little really, it has over 200 sites. But it’s pretty quiet, open year round, which is really something for northern Indiana.

There used to be a woods that went all the way across the back separating the campground from the toll road. Last year the owner, Bob, took out half of the woods and put in 50 more campsights.

The woods still has a little bit of a walking trail through it, although it’s “very” short for a trail.

Twice now we’ve seen a strange bird in those woods which we’ve never seen before, we think we actually came across it’s nest because a one large bird and 3 smaller one’s flew out when we came upon it and startled them.

I probably wouldn’t have thought anything about the birds but they were very strange looking and my new friend Judy has now got me hooked on looking at birds. Thanks Judy, lol.

The birds are brown with an unusual pattern on their backs, they seem to be about the size of a duck but their beaks are really, really long and narrow. They look like a duck with a hummingbirds beak.

I’m going to try to get a picture, but someone who walks with me (and shall remain nameless) cannot seem to be quiet while walking in the woods and scares them away. ;P

I’m also not very fast at trying to take a picture that actually ends up having the duck in the picture. So, I decided to research it and see if I could find a picture of one, this might just be the bird, see the pictures below.

The temperatures are going to warm up, we have gotten some things out of the way… literally, the tent is down!

Now we think we may be able to take more walks and ride our bikes again!

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