Elkhart 3/27-6/27


So, this is my new hobby…

I am not a cook. I really hate cooking, in fact. And what’s worse than cooking is cleaning up.

BUT, and it has become a big butt. Hence, healthier eating and more veggies in our lives.

So, it’s cast iron and runs on propane. It’s called a Blackstone cast iron grill.

I had a cast iron skillet once, I hung it on the wall and dusted it.

But I think I’m in a place where I’m finally ready to cook, or at least grill…

First I had to wash it with soap and water and dry it. The book said I will never use soap on it again.

Then I coated it with oil and waited for it to smoke which was telling me that it was “seasoning” the griddle. I did this 3 or 4 more times, I sorta got distracted and lost track of how many times I did it… it might have been more.

It didn’t look great and was starting to turn brown, I put my hand over it and there was hardly any heat. The book said that if this happens either you’ve put too much oil on or the griddle wasn’t hot enough to burn off the oil. Ding, ding, I had done both of these things!

Right now we are using the little 1 lb. tanks and honestly they don’t last at all. So, we put another one on and whala! I was able to finish seasoning the grill, although I did scrape off a bit of the brown stuff. Sigh…

Ok, this was our first meal.

Sweet potatoes and brat burgers, yum!

My sister in law, Paula has become my teacher, mentor … life line. I never would have thought you could cook sweet potatoes on a grill like this, but you just keep adding water and put the lid down to steam them, and then a bit of oil will grill them up like you see above, who knew!!!

And they were yummy!

So, after the grill cooled down a bit, I added more water and then scrapped the food bits that were left on the grill into the container on the back, which didn’t amount to much and then put a thin layer of oil on with tongs and a paper towel and cooked it for about 10 min. and turned it off. Once it cooled I covered the grill and Tada!

Just a couple of forks and cooking spatulas and that was it for cleanup!

Sigh… I think I’m in love. ;P

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