Elkhart 3/27-6/27

I’m 3 for 3 according to my husband!!!!

The picture above is smash burgers and grilled brussel sprouts, that yes, were very yummy.

The picture below is what was supposed to be steak fajita’s. My idea was to marinade the steak but all I had was a packet of taco seasoning so I put the steak in a bag with some water and the taco seasoning. I put it in the freezer because somewhere I had heard about putting meat in the freezer for ease of slicing.

Freezing not such a good idea for me, I guess I have absolutely no upper body strength.

I was able to slice it after awhile but the greatest thing was that I could slice it right on the grill, how cool was that!

We were going to add a few pieces of frozen corn but Paul accidently dumped half a bag on the grill. So we had steak and corn fajita’s. We put tortilla’s on the grill with shredded cheese and a couple pieces of steak and a ton of corn. The tortilla’s got a little crispy yet we could still fold them and guess what? They were yummy. (oh and I put onions in mine)

We both liked how the tortillas got a little bit crunchy, we had always had them soft out of the bag or maybe micro’d a bit.

I am so loving the ease of this, not a lot of dish’s or pots and pans to wash up.

Which is good because living in an RV is different than a “sticks and bricks” house.

We try to be in the habit of conserving water, even when we don’t need to so that the habit is ingrained in us.

So, I will probably become one of those people who take pictures of all the food they are eating, but the difference will be it’s the food I’m making.

…and I’m going to try new things so stay tuned… lol


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