Elkhart 3/27-6/27

So, we have ventured out on our bikes a couple times, which makes us incredibly happy.

The campground is fine for a couple laps on the asphalt road or even “off roading” it on the gravel roads between the campsites. We can kind of weave up and down through the campground.

There is even a short path going into the little bit of woods that’s left and we rode our bikes through there, that was fun.

This is a picture of the campground as it looked for most of April, a little fuller maybe on weekends.

But this is Memorial Day weekend and we have noticed every kind of motor home and trailer come into the campground yesterday, they were backed up 5 in the driveway and out onto the road waiting to get in.

This is a picture of the campground today, Saturday May 29th.

I took this picture with my phone on a phone mount on my bike, while I was moving… always thought I was good at multi-tasking. Ok, so it’s a bit blurry, sometimes that’s how it is with multi-tasking. lol

We have seriously lucked out because this is a picture of where we are in the campground. We did move 3 times to get this spot. 🙂

My favorite kind of campground is a spacious campground. Most campgrounds have what they call “long term” spots, if you are staying for a month or more they will give you one of these, but it also helps to review the campground map and ask for a spot like this if it’s available.

We road down or up, I don’t know, over, to the lake. Just to the boat ramp, and this is what we saw.


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