Reflections Elkhart 3/27-6/27

Adventure is part of who you are, not the direction you are taking…. this is a quote from my friend Judy. I sorta borrowed it from her blog, thanks Judy.

I realized that I had been feeling sorry for myself because we are in Elkhart, at this campground for 3 months and I want to be moving. After all, we have a new motorhome and the road is calling. And I’m looking for adventure.

The reasons we are here are sound.

Get Pauls’ eye surgeries and healing completed in the amount of time the doctor requires.

Get our Covid shots and other medical appointments taken care of.

See if we could find the motorhome we wanted at the dealership beside the campground.

Find a car that would be small for towing yet comfortable for us for sightseeing.

Have time to learn this new motorhome and have any repairs or tweaks done to it before we leave the area.

Get our ( possible custom) hitch/dolly/bike rack system installed.

Turns out it was a very custom bike rack, dolly hitch. We have electric assist bikes and they each weigh 67lbs. All kinds of things have to be considered from how much weight the motorhome can handle on the hitch to how much weight the bike rack can handle and where the bike rack would be installed so that we could pick the bikes up and put them on the bike rack. (did I mention they weigh almost 70lbs. a piece?)

So a custom hitch was designed by Dan, who is 76 yrs young. He welded an additional piece onto the standard hitch that would hold our bike rack, making it a double reciever hitch.

Where in the world is the adventure in all that?! Maybe the adventure can be meeting new people and learning a bit of their story or finding the solution to a problem.

We thought we could tow the car and have the bikes on the back of the car on a bike rack. Wrong, too much weight and at too low an angle… what to do? Enter Dan’s hitch and Dan’s creative solution, they listened so well to what we needed as we talked through and helped to some degree design our hitch.

My friend Judy says “adventure is part of who you are, not the direction you are going”.

I could go on and on about the spirit of this adventure, and truly it was an adventure.

We met Dan, who retired at age 56 (20 yrs ago) to do what he loves. Dan started this business but his sons, and other family members run this business like a well oiled machine for him now. Dan get’s to create and not worry about the “business” side of things”.

Dan is the happiest person I have ever seen working and welding, especially in 90 degree weather.

I have to say I was often put off by the way they did business, but the thing I had to remind myself of was that they heard us when we first talked with them.

We needed something special, not the normal stock item. They (Dan) had to design and fabricate what we wanted and it had to work or we would be without our bikes and that would never work.

When we first met them, we were told that they were out a good 6 weeks before they could begin working with us. Something about my face, when I said “oh, no, that will never work, we leave in less than 4 weeks!!”

My face I’m sure was what caused them to fit us in and our patience (although, prayed for quite often on my part) kept them fiting us in for our 6 visits.

And now we are complete.

Goodbye Indiana, we’ve known you well. Oh, we will be back I’m sure, we have family and friends here, loved one’s we will miss.

We are going on down the road… from Indiana, through Kentucky and Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Then from Florida the country is wide open and we will be in the Grand Canyon before we know it, with so much to see along the way…

Adventure is part of who you are, not the direction you are taking…

I might add to this that for many of us “adventure” could be our middle names. Not the bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving kind of adventure but the feeling inside that just says “I’m open to what might lay ahead” each of us in our own way can be open or closed depending on what the day holds.

I encourage you to be open, to embrace every second of everyday and enjoy the adventure…

We’ll see you, on down the road…

4 thoughts on “Reflections Elkhart 3/27-6/27

  1. Wow, Paul and Donna. I love this blog bringing us up-to-date from when we were together on Friday. We love the time we spent with you and we love your spirit of adventure. We pray for your safety and know that your daily devotion time will seem even more precious. Just keep on keeping on!🤗 Lalie & Paul

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  2. Be safe you two kids. Have fun finding your adventures. You two are an amazing couple. It has been my Great pleasure to be your friend. I will miss you and our many gab sessions. Best of luck on your journeys. Hope to see you soon Much love, Kay.

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