On the road again-6/28

So, we are on the road again and it’s so different.

Different from the Traverse pulling the travel trailer. Everything had it’s place in the Traverse, I could just reach around and find all sorts of things at my fingertips. I’m trying for that in the MH but mostly I need to get out of my seat and find these various things. What a concept, I can actually get up out of my seat while we are traveling, of course I have to take off my seatbelt, I’m not entirely comfortable with that just yet.

The sounds, the view, the ride. It’s all different.

Never mind the clattering, “”What was that!?” “Was that a thump or a crash?!”

When we “pulled” the travel trailer we were in the car, the Traverse was a quiet luxury ride while who know’s what was going on in the travel trailer. When we opened the door we were never quite sure what we would see, how many things had moved from one side to the other or fallen off of somewhere.

I learned a couple of tricks along the way in order to have less crashes and thuds; put all the bathroom shower soaps and shampoos into the dirty clothes hamper. Put the things off the kitchen counter into the kitchen sink. Make sure ALL door and drawers are closed tight.

But honestly, in the MH we haven’t taken anything off the kitchen counter and it’s all STAYED in place! We have had a couple of “mystery” rattles but thankfully no crashes or thuds!

The ride, the bouncing down the road, yes bouncing, the ride feels like we are up in the air and rolling down the road on balloons!


The view is like a 3D big screen, actually 180 degrees because we have such large windows on our sides and in front. It’s amazing! In southern Indiana it’s just green, so very green, in June.

Camel Camel really likes the view.

What’s so great, at least for me, is that I took these two pictures while Paul was driving. We didn’t stop. I’d like to get quicker at catching cool, quirky things along the way…This huge window will really help (ok, so you can see rain drops on the window) but come on, isn’t this cool?!

So, I use a planning app called RV Parky to route our trips. Here is a screen shot of the trip so far, each numbered flag is a place we will be staying.

This trip spans a year

We will be stopping along the way from Florida to Utah, I just don’t have that figured out yet… that’s all part of the adventure! 😉

One thought on “On the road again-6/28

  1. So glad to hear that you’re having such a great start. I remember being at that time of driving in the motorhome years ago and I totally understand. Be sure and mention the towns you stop at and Camp. I’m so glad we got the grand tour before you left so I totally understand what you mean about your front window. It’s a stair case to the skies. Love, Lalie & Paul

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