6/28-7/5/21 Whitewater SP

Whitewater Memorial State Park

This might be the biggest state park we’ve been in so far, it has almost 400 sites. If you look at the map you will see all the roads in black, we had a blast riding our bikes all over the campground. We rode about 10 miles! This is a good way to stay cool when it’s 93 degrees out.

As you can see from the pictures, there’s not many people here yet, but they are sold out for over the weekend with it being the 4th of July. That’s something we have to think about and make sure we have a spot over the holiday weekends well in advance.

This park has a really nice sandy beach and a separate area for launching boats and a little general store.

We met the new camp hosts for the month of July, Sally and Max and their 4 puppies, they were all a mix of Yorkie. They were all getting old, one was 9 and the other 3 were 11, they were all rescue’s from one place or another and I think all had special needs. It takes kind and loving people, reallly a special kind of person, to be able to love these animals and care for them like Max and Sally do. Oh, and they were great camp hosts too! 🙂

We took a little drive along the windy roads to the sweet little town of Liberty. I love little towns for all the uniqueness to be found and how artistic they are.

I thought this building looked like it should be in black and white because of it’s stately age. It had been turned into a cute shop but the rooms still maintained the period, with wide molding and extra tall doors. The orginal fireplace and porches. What fun to walk through history…

Wasn’t this cool?! I thought I had taken a close up of the little sign by the grinding wheel but I guess I didn’t. So use your imagination…

This sign was set in the ground by the court house.

Honestly, I’m not kidding…we parked in front of this sign. We got out of the car and stood there staring at the sign, it just didn’t make any sense, 2″ of what?

We enjoyed Whitewater Memorial SP, but now it is time to move on… safe travels

2 thoughts on “6/28-7/5/21 Whitewater SP

  1. Paul and I really enjoyed your pictures and your commentary. We think it’s neat that you find these quaint little places and utilize everything in the area. Now, that is living! 💕Lalie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words. The kids sure miss you and so do we. Safe travels wherever life leads you. Your photos in Liberty should be submitted for a brochure on “must sees” while visiting.

    Liked by 1 person

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