7/5-7/9 Dog Creek

Dog Creek Campground COE,Cub Run, KY


This is our view from our campsite, there was no one in those sites while we were here. Just a head and down the hill is the river, although green, it’s moving water and was a nice view from our front yard.

This is our third time here, it’s a small campground and quiet but very hilly. This is the first time we’ve not been right on the water. We are in site B14 now we were in B19.

It was 93 degrees when we got here, pulled up the hill into our pull thru site ( I thought a pull thru site would make things easier now that we had a “toad”) I didn’t realize “pull thru and hill” should never be in the same campground site description.

We got about the business of unhooking the dolly and car. Both of which we had to deal with on a hill. We tried to get the MH level, pulling forward, checking the level, going backward, checking the level. Hooked up the water and the electric, turned the air conditioning on and NOTHING, no power. We both had sweat dripping off of our noses, literally, we were soaking wet from the humidity and almost beyond exhaustion.

We finally found the campground host, explained what was happening and he said come with me I’ll see what else we might have available. I was so grateful for his attitude and kindness as we sat in the car with the air conditioning blasting full on. After drying off in the air conditioning we had a list of available sites, we drove around the small campground and chose what we thought was the best one based on levelness. (is that a word) lol

I can be funny now but this situation after driving all day is why we have come up with some “travel rules”

Number 1. We try to only drive 200-250 miles per day.

Number 2. We don’t do any extra activities on travel days besides traveling and setting up our campsite that night.

Number 3. On travel days we always go to Dairy Queen, if we can find one.

Number 4. Once at our campsite we plug into electric first thing before unhooking the dolly or leveling… more rules to come.

Because you never know what might happen on the road or at a campsite and exhaustion is the number one enemy of travelers we try to only drive 200-250 miles a day. We have been caught with thinking “it’s only another 200, 150 or 100 miles” but we’ve learned our limitations (some the hard way) so this is how we roll.

7/6 We’ve traveled this way and stayed at Dog Creek two other times but we had never taken the time to go to Mammouth Cave National park. Today we took our bikes and rode the trail.

Do you see the exclamation marks?

This was no joke!

It was a beautiful trail, mostly in the woods. The only thing that would have made it a nicer trail would have been if it was paved. It was crushed gravel, not a bikers friend. I managed not to fall off my bike and enjoyed the ride.

We decided to turn around and go back the way we had come when we tried to walk our bikes down the steep incline on the gravel, nope…just nope. I didn’t get an actual picture of the steep because I was trying to keep my 70lb bike from dragging me down the hill.

The picture below is the ride we enjoyed.

Here’s our route

The little loop on our route was a wooden boardwalk that went around a really cute little pond. It was a fun ride.

7/7 We decided to take a Mammouth Cave Tour, something we had never done before.

It was 2 miles in length and would take about 2 hrs the guide said, we figured we were getting in better shape and often walk 2 miles… 10 minutes into the tour the guide said that there would be 158 steps, oh and of course 158 steps back up.

What you can’t really see in this picture is that the steps kept going up as they got narrower.

It was hard to get a lot of good pictures because the tour quides really kept the tour moving, they had specific stops where they talked and answered questions.

We know the caves and mines were found earlier in the 1800’s, I managed to enlarge this marking. It’s an original 1850 marking, there were quite a few names as well, all miners of another time.

We were told it would be cold, 58 degrees under ground. We brought hoodies but honestly it felt so good because above ground it was 92 degrees. The pace was faster than we normaly walk and with all the stairs and switchbacks we were getting a workout, and sweating.

7/8 we recouperated from what we did on 7/7


7/9 We got all hooked up (which was no small feat on a hill) dumped our tanks and off we went…

On the road again to a place we’ve never been.

2 thoughts on “7/5-7/9 Dog Creek

  1. Looks like you had a great time. At least it was much cooler (cold) in the cave. Each time Max and I have gone we take a different tour.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you had a great time. At least it was much cooler (cold) in the cave. Each time Max and I have gone we take a different tour

    Liked by 1 person

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