7/9-10 Jasper, TN

Marion County Park

This is what we call a “hidden gem”. This is our 3rd one.

To qualify the campground has to have at least electric (although all have had water too and one had full hookups) and be right off the highway for easy access AND here’s the really tricky part, it has to be $20-$25 per night!

This place did not disappoint! It’s only 40 sites with about 23 right on the water. We were going to be right on the water in site 23 but we asked if there were any pull thru’s available. We ended up in site 33, a pull thru, we didn’t have to take the car off the dolly and disconnect the dolly from the motorhome. We just pulled in, put our stabilizer’s down, put the slide out and we were home! 🙂

We had a very enjoyable evening …

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