Sawnee Campground, COE in Cumming, GA

This was our 3rd time to this park.

There are several things to know about COE (Core of Engineer) parks.

First they are always on water, most of these bodies of water were manmade by the Army Core of Engineers.

They are required to lock the gates at the entrance to the campground everynight, some parks at 9:30pm. However, this park locked their gates at 10:30pm. This was a great help to us since we didn’t spend that much time at the park and needed to get back in before they locked the gates.

COE parks do not give you the gate code.

COE parks are beautiful, though.

I put lots of pictures on in previous posts so I’m not going to put anymore on now.

You’ll just have to go back and read my previous posts. ;p

7/13-Tonight, we will be staying at Cain’s Creekside RV Park in Hahira, GA. It has the possibility of being another “hidden gem”.

This was sort of a “hidden gem” true it only cost $25 for full hook ups for the night. True it was right off the highway.

However, we never saw another living soul.

I mean not one person.

We got there after the people in the office had left for the day but the office was still open. We put our money in a provided envelope and put it in the box, I had to call someone to find out what site to go to.

There were travel trailers and other motorhomes at sites here and there but we never saw another person and so it felt a bit creepy. It was 93 degrees outside, I guess that could have had something to do with it.

We stayed in for the night, using water and electric and in the morning we dumped our tanks.

We were ready to head for Florida. In our opinion, this is not a hidden gem.


We are at Bill Frederick Park and Pool at Turkey Lake in Orlando, Florida!

It’s so moist! But then again…we’re in Florida!

It’s a newly renovated Orlando park, they gave us a form to fill out at the end of our stay to let them know how we liked it.

We tried to ride our bikes everyday, they had a paved two way bike path. It was just the right amount of curvy and hilly to make it fun.

Looking at the picture of our route on Altrails, you can see we also road around on the campground roads but the outer edge was the bike trail.

When we got here last Wednesday it was pretty quiet, but on Saturday, whoa! The place woke up with day use people!

It has a frisbee golf course that runs all the way around the park, the campground is a very small part of the park. There were so many people playing frisbee golf, with their special bags for golfing … we never knew that this was such a “thing.”

There’s a pool, playgrounds and pavillians, lots of people enjoying the lake and the park.

We were surprised how people stood on the paved biking paths in groups and didn’t move until I yelled “coming through!” as I headed towards them!

This guy surprised us, he was rooting around for dinner behind our MH. When he saw me, the buried his head in the hole.

This was a pretty nice park as a whole. We didn’t use the pool, or fish in the lake or play on the playground, but there were certainly alot of people who did.

I had to zoom in real far to see this guy… I’m sure this hawk was looking for dinner.

Off the Clearwater, Fl…

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  1. Thank you again for your traveling information. We are in Hartford city Indiana this week for old fashion Campmeeting church camp. We love it and are having a great time. 💕 Lalie

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