7/28-7/31 Manatee Springs, SP

7/28~7/29 It rained in the afternoon when we got to Manatee Springs and the next day as well, we stayed inside for most of it.

We’ve been gone from Indiana exactly one month today. Not counting the 3 months we spent at the Elkhart campground, we’ve stayed in 7 campgrounds so far.

We are in our new motorhome, our house and we are loving it. It’s so comfortable, it’s so small but it is exactly enough. There’s parts of it we aren’t even using, like the overhead bed or fold out couch. (we are using the couch just not the bed)

But we have them, we have options.

And honestly we have enough storage, but we’ve taken everything we own with us. We decided, no storage units. So, we have crammed it all in, in the car, in the storage compartments and even under the mattress in the overhead bunk.

At some point, when we stop for awhile, maybe this winter, we will sort it all out. There are so many things we aren’t even using. So many things we don’t need.

It’s interesting how little we really do “need” in order to live a happy life… certainly less is more.

7/30~7/31 Manatee Springs State Park

This park is magical. From the dense forest…no jungle, to the…well, the pictures show it best.

Although we didn’t see any manatees, I understand they come mostly in the winter, we really enjoyed the springs. I’m told the water temperature is 72 degrees, with the outside temperature being 90 something it was refreshing. It had quit raining the night before but while we were in the springs it rained, no thunder just a soft summer rain. It was so great.

The springs were so refreshing, cool and clear. Not sure how deep they were here in these pictures but this was deep water.

We could have stayed and floated watching little fishes dart around us all day but soon after lunch time the springs became too crowded for us.

So, sufficiently cold, in wet suits we decided to dry off sitting outside and enjoying the show… far better than anything on TV.

All of these deer were beautiful and tame, they came in and out of our campsite all afternoon. They were often looking like they thought we would give them a treat, but we know the dangers of feeding wildlife so we encouraged them to enjoy the greenery in our campsite.

We thought we saw something move here and there in the brush.

We saw little lizards running all over the trees and huge fronds, it was hard to catch them standing still. A red pouch would come down and balloon out from under the chin, not sure if that was a warning or not. I stood way back and used my zoom, even at that he leaned way out on the tree. He wasn’t messing around!

All and all it was a wonderful park, one to come back to in the winter for the manatees. But we’ve learned at 95 degrees to be able to get wet somehow makes it much more tolerable.

Adventure awaits…on down the road we go!

One thought on “7/28-7/31 Manatee Springs, SP

  1. Hi Paul and Dona. I got your messages at a time when I couldn’t answer and then I would forget. I got one today while we were at Shipshewana with Paul’s son and daughter-in-law. We ate at the Das Essenhaus. We got home at 5:30. And I am sitting outside watching my afternoon show with the squirrels, birds, rabbits, finches. Again, we love your blogs and enlarge all the pictures to look at them and we do like with you. I like your remark About how little things we need to survive and be happy with. I learned that when we sold our house and only took in the motorhome what we needed. Year 2000 Until now. Keep on keeping on I enjoy every blog!

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