Oops…Steinhatchee, Fl. 7/31

I had somehow missed a beat …we were leaving Manatee Springs on the 31st, arriving at Falling Waters State Park on the 1st.

I hadn’t reserved our stay for the night of the 31st anywhere! It’s been over 90degrees everyday, we could use our generator to run our AC but the south isn’t friendly with free overnight parking.

So I searched my travel app, RV Parky and a discount group we joined, Passport America.

Here is what I found… Old Pavillion RV park near Steinhatchee, Florida.

Though this park doesn’t meet my self imposed rules for finding a “hidden gem”, this place is for sure a great find!

It has only 40 sites, no pool or laundry, nothing special unless you call backing your rig up to the Gulf of Mexico special!

We really enjoyed our afternoon sitting on the community deck, we had it all to ourselves.

I leaned over the edge of the pier at the end of the gated walkway, I thought at first glance I’d found a pile of gold coins!

Then we saw a man walk up and dump a bag of something over the railing. I asked him what they were, he said they were scallop shells.

He said a lot of people here scallop. Huh, who knew? He said that he takes his boat out to where its shallow and he just bends down and picks them up, wow! Sometimes he has to dive for them but lots of times he finds them in knee deep water. Wow!

I love scallops.

Wish I had some scallops…

Tomorrow, we are on the road again, to find our next campground…sadly not scallops.

2 thoughts on “Oops…Steinhatchee, Fl. 7/31

  1. Good Friday morning Paul and Dona. I just read your scallop post with the beautiful pictures. I got out the map and I cannot find your next stop and that’s been several days ago by now. Nothing special going on here today. Continue to stay safe and have fun.

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