8/1-8/3 Falling Waters SP

This was a cute little park. By little I mean it only had one loop and maybe 20 sites.

I found it looking for places to stay in Florida on the water.

I searched all along the Florida gulf coast for an opening, ha! Nothing, everything, everywhere was booked! So next best thing was to start going north and tada, I found this little gem, it was just $15 a night with water and electric.

There was a really beautiful, well maintained butterfly garden. With a bench right in the garden so you could sit there and watch the butterflies, all the appropriate perennials were planted to attract them.

Once you walked by the butterfly garden there was a boardwalk trail to the waterfall.

We wondered how Florida could boast “Florida’s Highest Waterfall” and we soon found out as we walked the board walk to a series of landings, one lower than the other until we were looking up at the “waterfall”.

Florida has a lot of sink holes and this sink hole made for a very high waterfall, indeed.

We enjoyed this little park, but it was pretty hot. As we were taking the little boardwalk hike we came to a small lake, I didn’t get a picture of the lake. It was a bit green or we might have jumped in!

All in all, I think I liked the butterfly garden better than the waterfall.

But hey, we had to check it out, after all who knew Florida had a waterfall?

One thought on “8/1-8/3 Falling Waters SP

  1. Very ‘Hot’ nice. 🥵. Can you mention the approximate closest town when you post? We look at the map to see where you’re at. I don’t think we found your last one either. Lalie

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