8/3-8/9 Deerlick Creek, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

It’s a Core of Engineers park, so it’s on water, in this case the Holt Lake which on the map looks like a river and is actually several lakes going into each other. Coming around Tuscaloosa on the east side we took a small road called Rice Mine Rd. to New Watermelon Rd. and then a crazy sharp turn onto Lake Nicol Rd. to 89 that went right into the park at Deerlick Rd.

Aaaaahhhhh, we’re here for 6 days. Staying anywhere for more than a night is a luxury to an RV’er.

Oh, what a beautiful morning! Our spot looks out over the lake, through the woods.

It’s been so quiet for the last 2 hours, now people are starting to get up, open their doors, move around. But until then the only sounds were the occasional fish jumping out of the water and landing with a splash and nothing more.

Total and complete silence…

When I came outside the temperature was 66, 66! What?! I had forgotten what it felt like to experience that temperature outside! I was cold! I LOVED lt!

But alas, the sun is rising and although we are in the woods, it will chase away the coolness and replace it with more humidity and heat, although the high here today is only supposed to be 88, I’ll take it over 95 anyday. I am so amazed that I can now say “the high is only supposed to be 88”.

Our sight looks out over a woods that slopes down to the water and as it gets dark the fireflies come out and entertain us.

They are amazingly beautiful in the darkness, but they don’t take very good pictures so you’ll have to use your imagination.

So with nothing to do but soak up nature, and the temps “droping” to a high of 88 for the day I’ve decided to get the ol flat top out and start cooking again.

First up was grilled crispy brussel sprouts and teriyaki chicken, yummy!

So, since we enjoyed that meal, and I didn’t die of heat stroke I decided to give breakfast a shot the next morning.

Paul seemed to like it alot.

I, once again am sitting outside with my coffee in the morning. I’m up later than normal and people are up, talking, doing things, slamming doors, starting cars…slamming more doors.

So, I decided to put my ear buds in and listen to some nature sounds since I’m sitting in the woods, there aren’t a lot of nature sounds here, mostly cicadas. I thought maybe some birds chirping would be nice. I found one track that was only sounds of the woods.

I had to laugh at myself because I actually turned my head to the sound of a creaking tree in the soft wind.

Then there was the sound of, maybe a hawk, it was so loud I looked up to the sky … then I remembered… it was only a sound track.

But I wondered if I might be sitting out in the morning desert someday soon and hear a real hawk cry in the morning light.

I literally jumped when the sound of a very large bee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’d right by my face! Oh, again the sound track was so real!

I decided since it was getting warm and time for breakfast and I didn’t want my neighbors thinking I’d lost my mind because I was yelling and flaying my arms around I’d turn off the sound track and I went inside.

This is our second time at Deerlick Creek, COE, we love being on the water, always our first choice.

But we’ve learned a couple things and one of them is that in order to get to most COE’s in Alabama at least, we’ve found you have to endure the winding and sometimes crazy narrow roads, so not my favorite.

But almost always it’s worth it… the little hikes, bike trails… there is always something to explore.

This trail was a boardwalk at first, it went around either side of the tree, then it turned into a paved walking, biking, wheelchair accessable trail. It was fun the first time we did it when we were here before, this time it was almost completely covered in green moss.

I feared that I would lay my bike down on the slick surface but I was ok. No spills. But all I could think about the whole time I was riding on it was, what of the wheelchaired people.

This trail was winding and a little steep a couple times, however, with all the moss we doubted many people, wheelchaired or not were using it.

This was our last meal…well, at Deerlick Creek that I cooked on the Blackstone flat top. I had cheated and bought already cooked and cleaned shrimp. I grilled zucchini, mushrooms and sweet potatoes and lastly added the shrimp with some garlic herb seasoning.


2 thoughts on “8/3-8/9 Deerlick Creek, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  1. Good morning! Indiana has been having 90° days in very high humidity and the last two days thunderstorms and lots and lots of rain. Today we’re going to get almost to 100°. But thank goodness for air-conditioning!!! So, I’ve been staying in and painting. Just finished another figurine. I’ll post a picture of it after the owner of it has seen it. It is an outdoor Angel, sit on the ground ceramic. All is well here. 🥵💧⛈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know this heat wave is insane, it’s going clear across the country where we are traveling! Hopefully, we will have some cooler weather for all of us soon. I started trying to put more detail about where we are so you might be able to find us on a map, is it helping? Stay cool and paint on 🙂


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