8/9 Wall Doxey State Park

This little campground is in the Holly Springs National Forest, which is suprisingly enough in Holly Springs, Mississippi. It’s off of hwy 22, southeast of Memphis, Tenn. on 7.

It’s another campground I would consider for my “hidden gems” catagory. If you don’t make a reservation on line, at this time they are on the honor system with envelopes, the fee is $20 cash, in the envelope and slipped into the rough slot cut into the side of the entrance building.

There were very few campers, it was so hot and humid we felt like we could cut the air with a knife. We had to unhook the car from the dolly because it wasn’t a pull thru site, I’m going to really try for pull thru’s wherever I can.

Once we had the car unhooked, Paul parked the MH, hooked up the water and electric and although the view was beautiful we hopped back inside for the evening of air conditioning.

This is a picture I took at the Mississippi welcome center, I thought our rig looked sooo pretty, the flowers weren’t bad either. 😉

The following pictures are of the campground,

And as ever Camel, Camel is helping Paul drive on down the road.

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