8/10~3 States Before Noon

As we left Holly Springs, Mississippi, we found our way to Memphis, TN. We crossed the Mississippi river and into Arkansas, it was barely noon.

As I’m plotting our route north to I-70 we are going north on I-55 and I believe I have found another “hidden gem”, but we shall see, as we aren’t there yet.

The place is off of I-55, turn east on I-57 to the little city of Charleston, Missouri.

We put the sticker for Mississipi on our map last night, tonight we will add Missouri, we are really racking up the states.

Anyway, back to being a “hidden gem”, it’s right off the highway, it’s $15 for full hook ups and a pull thru site. Yup, a “hidden gem” by my self imposed standards..

As we drove by the “Boomland” center, pictured above, we made our way to the campground. There were numerous signs along the highway, touting the $15 a night campground and all the goodies to be found at Boomland (it’s called this because they also tout being the countries largest fireworks distributor.) We didn’t see any fireworks.

Some of the goodies to be found were ice cream, fudge, a buffet, grocery store, gift shop, gas station and windshield washing area.

There was no buffet, thank you covid, however we didn’t care because we aren’t big fans of buffet’s covid or not. We ordered food at the grill, I had a pretty good chicken taco salad and Paul had a pork tenderlon sandwich with curly fries. It was good, we were hungry.

The grocery store was meh, mostly gift food jellies, jams and sauces. The gift shop, if you were looking for anything, probably had it.

Sadly, there was no fudge.

So, full and ready to maybe enjoy some outside time in the shade we went to the campground. It is pretty, across the street is a large well maintained park with a little lake and an abundance of trees.

We picked out a site in the shade of a tree and tried the electic, nope, site #1, our surge protector said “open ground”. We moved to the next shadiest spot, #14, tried again and no go, surge protector said “open ground”. Needless to say, it was 95 degrees, heat index 1000 and the inside of our coach was now 110 for real.

We turned on our generator and AC, Paul was about the say we would just let that run all night, let someone complain.

He tried site #15 without moving the coach, again, no electric.

We had been trying the 30amp sites because that’s all we need, but I suggested we try a 50amp site because there were 3 large class A’s over there and they were all hooked up.


Paul hooked up the electric cord, and the water hose. I put down the leveler’s and let the slide out, we jumped inside and closed all the blinds to the setting sun and called it a day!

Maybe, not all “hidden gems” are gems…

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