8/16 “Service Advance Trac” Burlington, Co.

OK, this is a worry, this light came on and the cruise control went off. Paul couldn’t tell if anything else was amiss so we continued on.

I’ve searched and found several choices for tonights stop, we are hoping to find a Ford service/dealership to help us take a look at this.

After talking to the great people at the Ford Support number we feel just a bit better. It seems others have called about this warning light.

When we start driving for the day the cruise control will work for awhile and then stop, if we stop and turn off the engine for about 15 minutes it will work again for awhile until it stops again. The Support person, Eric, is trying to find us a Ford Service/Dealership that can help us. Fortunatly it’s nothing serious and we can wait. I gave him the locations we hope to be in, in about 3-4 weeks, hoping that somewhere can get us in for service by that time. We are waiting for the call back, it might take a day or two. Service in some areas is out several months, one Lazydays dealership with service bays is out till November.

On a totally different note we had to find a place to park for the night.

It was 93 degrees so we wanted to have electric to hook up to, but we didn’t need much more.

Outback RV park would do for the night. $25 in the provided envelope and we were all set. Electric and water and sewer, Full hookups.

We never saw another human being, infact we were the only one’s staying overnight.

True it was only a parking lot, but it was a nice parking lot. It was new, with 13 electric posts and water spigots and newly spread pea gravel to park on, which was pretty level.

So, we hunkered down for the evening. We intended to get our chairs out and sit outside for awhile but we didn’t. Right before I pulled the blinds on the dark outside, little twinkly lights came on, on the newly planted little trees thru out the lot.

For a parkinglot they had gone above and beyond.

Camel Camel was getting a bit cheaky, it was time to go on down the road…

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