8/17 It’s a travel day and I hate mountains

We decided to make a run for it, 340 miles from Burlington, Co to Silt, Co which was mostly through the mountains.

I hate mountains (not the actual mountains, I like looking at them, it’s the curvy, narrow, steep roads you have to use to drive through them) I hate rain (not the actual rain, rain is nice to go to sleep to the sound on the MH roof, but I had a bad experience once, nuff said) When you put them together I am almost completely hysterical! You might ask, “why in the world does she even travel?” I love to see knew places, to wake up and see a new view, try new things…I’m trying to face my fears…I know that God has not given me a spirit of fear but of hope and strength.

Then as I look up the side of the mountain I see fences that look like nets to hold back falling rock! And my mouth falls open, forget taking a picture, I can’t even believe this!

There had been a mudslide on the route we are taking. On google maps and the routing app I use, for awhile it showed closed and we were going to have to take a different route, which looked even more death defying… we weren’t sure what we were going to do.

Then this road showed open and a sign on I-70 said Glenwood Springs route OPEN. So off we went, problem solved. But whoa!

Who wanted to do this?!

Mountains as high as I can see up out either of the side windows and the road so long, it just goes on and on through one mountain after another. It’s so green. There’s so many of them!

We go up, up, up and then we go doooowwwwnnnn! I don’t know what’s worse!

I am facing my fears, I am trying to accept all that this is.

It is God being in control, it is faith in the prayers that I am praying to keep the rain at bay and to keep Paul sure at the wheel.

But Paul loves this stuff, he loves to drive and has driven all over the country and is sure and capable and calm. I am in the passengers seat with hands so sweaty my fingers are sliding off the keys.

The Eisenhower tunnel was so long it felt like a cocoon and then we were tossed out into bright, bright sunshine and a steep decline.

I was so happy we were behind a truck that was taking it super slow, until Paul decided to pass it. Such a loooooonnnnggggg steep road down! We passed a “run away truck” dirt road half way up the mountain, in case a semi truck just couldn’t slow down they could take it for help.

But Paul had this.

We are now entering a construction zone, ON THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN! What else?!

Herds of elephants!

Finialy …I remembered one of the things that I had said I wanted a motor home for.

I could sit in the back when I couldn’t handle the view!

And so after being terrified to tears I have moved to the back, where I sit on the couch in comfort and almost fearless joy.

We knew it would be our longest travel day so far, 346 miles, that’s a lot. Then add going through the mountains and I’m a puddle. These pictures from the backseat don’t really capture just how high these mountains are but, from the backseat they are truly glorious.

Paul is great, he started the day when we turned the tire pressure monitoring system on with an error message that our passenger dully tires were low.

This meant he had to get out the air compressor, which we honestly thought we’d never use and try to air up the the tires with the TPMS sensors on, which he had to take off.

Like the trooper that he is, he got to it, and it wasn’t an easy task. The air compressor is old and needs a new gage, the air kept coming out of the tire as he tried to put it in.

Long story short, it was a good thing we got up early because this tire episode took up our extra time we planned for the trip.

But now as I sit in the back seat and we are within an hour of our campground for the next week, I am so grateful for a back seat. I am so grateful for the rain holding off and answers to prayers, I am grateful for God giving my husband the ability that he needs to manuver us safely…on down the road.

One thought on “8/17 It’s a travel day and I hate mountains

  1. We’ve haven’t made it to the Rocky’s yet but we do plan on it soon. Your pictures are wonderful and entice us to make these plans. Safer travels, Donna and Paul.

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