8/16-8/22 Rocky Mountain High, Silt, Colorado

Well, we did it. Early on I had said we would never stay at any place that had “resort” in the title or a KOA. Both always equal much more money than we want to pay.

We have come to know our preferred “camping places”. There are different places, for different reasons.

When we first started really thinking that our life long dream of selling everything and traveling in a motor home might actually come true, we started researching.

By researching I mean, we watched every Youtube video we could find on this lifestyle. At first we were all about, “boondocking” which is much different than “lotdocking” or “moochdocking”. Let me explain, so lotdocking would be a quick overnight in a Walmart or Cracker Barrel parking lot, because we are just passing through and need to rest, as an example. Moochdocking would be, hanging out in your friend or relatives drive way, for a nice visit. Boondocking is when you are out in nature, with no hookups, and your home of choice can fully sustain you.

By sustain you I mean, you have plenty of water on board for everything you need water for. You have a grey and black tank that will hold whatever you need it to hold for the length of time you are boondocking and power to support your lights, frig, heat, AC or whichever of these things you need to use while boondocking, which would require propane, a generator and or solar.

Oh, and most of these places are free. No money paid, well, you might take your friend/relative out to dinner as a thank you, but that’s about it, or so we thought.

So, further education has taught us that places like BLM land exist. These are places, like around Yuma and Quartzite, Az where you can pay $40 for a month or $180 for 6 months for a permit. By having a permit you can travel around and through, I think, 6 different vast areas of land that are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Your money also provides you with free drinking water, a free dump station for dumping your grey and black tanks (and yes, some places charge up to $20 just to let you use their dump station) and recepticals for trash. There are other areas of BLM land throughout the country but they are mostly in the west.

There are websites like “FreeCampsites.net” which lists anywhere you want to go, the places you can pull over to the side of the road or travel down bumpy, dusty, rocky, rutted, muddy roads to a location which may or may not look like a campsite by a fire ring of rocks or if you are super lucky a sign that says you can camp here.

We thought we could rough it, we could boondock… and so we joined the KOA campground “club”.

OK, so we’re soft, we aren’t quite as adventurous as we thought we were, staying the night in a Cracker Barrel parking lot and enjoying a warm dinner or breakfast, well that’s roughing it somedays. Other days, when the weather is perfect, we like to stay at a Harvest Host location, if we find one near where we are going, and it’s cool enough to not need to run the generator for AC.

We enjoy a bit of comfort and for me, lately, just driving places provides enough adventure.

So, we have chosen to stay at the KOA in Silt, Colorado.

It’s lovely, with concrete patios complete with colorful metal tables and chairs (in a bit of retro theme) and large beautiful firepits. We have and will continue to use and enjoy the pool and hot tub.

The mountain views are stunning and there is a little tiny house village to the front of us to enjoy looking at. (only $135,000 should you want to buy one)

The picture above was the first mornings sunrise, with rain over the mountains.

The picture below was our sunset last night… goodbye Silt, Colorado.

Goodbye KOA, we will add you to our options…for on down the road.

4 thoughts on “8/16-8/22 Rocky Mountain High, Silt, Colorado

  1. Wow! We love the sunset pictures. We had a bad experience with one KOA near Tarpon Springs, Florida, one summer. After making online reservations, we arrived and went to the office to check in. They asked us if we were going to be using our AC, which of course we were. They then charged us an extra fee for it. Seems like AC is not included in the site rental fee. I lived in Florida the first 60 years of my life and camped as a child and with my own children and now in my retirement and have never been asked or charged extra to use my AC.
    I’m glad you and Paul had a good experience with them. We have been to others since then with no issues.

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    1. Thank you for the heads up on the AC issue at Tarpon Springs, KOA is not my favorite but in Silt it was the least expensive and available, gotta have those options. 🙂


  2. Reading your latest blog, it reminded me of the first year of college or really the first year of any adventure. We learn so much during that time, laying groundwork, which enables us in future choices. We love your stories and the pictures. Lalie

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