Rifle State Park, Rifle,Colorado

9/20~ We decided to take a drive in the mountains, in the car. We were in serious need of a walk, or hike, we needed to explore! I always search an area for places we can ride our bikes and sadly the choices were over an hour away, and not good choices, so we needed to get outta here! lol

It was actually a very enjoyable ride and we found the park quite easily.

Now this is my kind of hike!

It was an easy hike, with a few steps here and there that were a little bit challenging but there was a surprise around every corner!

It was amazing how we followed the path and there they were, 3 waterfalls! They were so loud and beautiful! It wasn’t a very hot day but the mist still felt wonderful.

As we made our way around them, we started climbing steps here and there and followed the path as we came upon more caves and stunning rock formations.

Before we knew it we were at the top, where we could walk out these narrow steel overhangs and look down at the waterfalls from above.

There were just stunning views all around this little park.

The Rifle Falls and Cave’s state park was just what we needed!

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