8/22-8/29 Moab Baby! Moab, Utah that is.

The roads were long and flat, so flat I couldn’t even get pictures to show how flat…it was wonderful!

Here are some pictures of the mountains as we traveled from Silt, Colorado to Moab, Utah. We really enjoyed this drive!

I can’t explain why but I was so excited when we started to see the “red rocks”.

As we drove on towards our campground the mountains started to change color from browns and tans to tans then reds, it was lovely.

We arrived at our campground, it’s a bit different than your “normal” campground, but then I guess we like a bit of different. It’s called “St. Danes Cabins and Camping”. (I hope to find out where the name came from, all I can think of is great danes…hmmm, probably not)

Shawn and Nancy live on the property.

They have 6 campsites with full hook ups, a nice firepit and picnic table with a sun sail over the top. They even provide the yellow leveling blocks you’ll see under our tires in some of the pictures.

There are several cabins intermingled around the office building in the front as you come in.

You probably can’t tell but this is Paul, pointing to an “arch”. He just couldn’t wait till we got to Arches National Park, lol.

Here are some pictures of our campsite…

It’s just so wonderful to get up in the morning and sit outside, in somewhat private, as there are no other campsites in front of us, just the mountains. Well, there is also the highway, but the pleasure of the mountains makes the highway a mute point.

Moab, is dry and windy. It’s so much cooler if you are in the shade, like noticably cooler, maybe 10-20 degrees it feels like, because if you are in the sun it’s HOT.

More to come…

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