SR 128, Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway

I can’t say enough good things about this campground. It’s quiet, private and well maintained. It’s just a different landscape being all redish gravel.

We have liked the mountain in front of us and when the sun dips below the edge of it, we LOVE it, because the temperature drops at least 20 degrees and we come outside again after the hot afternoon to enjoy the coolness, breezes and eventually stars.

We needed to get some laundry done, we’re not on vacation everyday, lol. Anyway, this is where the laundrymat is…

Yes, laundry as with everything else here was on the honor system. Just put your money in the box. $1 for a load, wash and dry, is unheard of BUT then they even include the soap and softner. Just had to share about the owners goodness, there was even a leave and take shelf of books above the table…of course I had some books to leave.

We went into town to the visitors center and talked with a really nice lady who gave us a Moab outdoor adventure quide and suggested some drives that would get us acclimated to the area.

We were off on our first drive through the gorge and the views did not disappoint.

The Colorado river is so muddy, it’s really not very pretty, but the mountains make up for it. We started this drive at Lions park, it was a little pull off with a walking bridge over the river.

As we drove on, the road followed the edge of the mountains with the Colorado river on the other side.

We drove on to the historic Dewey Bridge, unfortunatly this was all that was left of it after the 2008 brush fire. We turned around and headed back, the views although the same seemed so different from the opposite direction.

We found this little shop/restaurant along the way. Paul was looking at this rack of what looked like branding irons, the one he’s holding is a Big foot, okay, who would brand their cow with Big foot? Now, that’s just silly. (of course I doubt these were real branding irons)

The last picture on the left is a big metal flower sculpture off to the side of the entrance. But the petals were solar panels and they opened to make the aray.

We didn’t see it moving but it was unique and actually beautiful for a solar aray.

3 thoughts on “SR 128, Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway

  1. Your pictures are stunning! I love the red in the hills and mountain areas.
    You made a comment about the big foot brand…we have one that is an “E”. Those smaller brands are for using on steaks or roasts. Hopefully Paul went ahead and bought it. That would be cute on his next steak. Just heat it up really hot in your grill coals then brand your big foot steak. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! I thought the brands were just a joke, I never thought about using them on steak! It’s so nice to see you enjoying my blog, makes it so much fun to know I’m sharing it with you 🙂


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