SR 279, Potash-Lower Colorado River Scenic Byway

We headed off on another scenic byway drive, and here we thought we were just going to go to Arches National park and call it a day.

This byway headed out of Moab where we took Potash road which entered the deep gorge of the Colorado river.

About 4 miles in, looking up, one can sometimes see rock climbers on the cliffs along the road. This area is called Wall Street. Sadly, we didn’t see anyone climbing the cliff.

Another mile in and the pull off sign on the side of the road read “Petroglyphs”. We got out of the car and stared at the wall of rock in front of us.

I was just about to say “what petroglyphs, I don’t see anything”


As if out of nowhere our eyes focused on them, to say these petroglyphs were amazing is putting it mildly.

Such a fun little drive. To have the mountains soar straight up from the road was stunning.

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