Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Driving into the park is just jaw dropping amazing! I could have taken a thousand pictures and still not captured all the beauty that abounds here.

As we drove through the long windy road that soared high and dipped low to the end of the park …we couldn’t have taken a bad picture.

This is not the landscape I grew up with in the flat farmland of Indiana, and so I am constantly just staring and saying “look at that!!”

The picture of the map, if made larger, will show you the trail we took to the Double Arch, it was the highlight of our day.

The VERY TINY things at the bottom of the picture are people. We were surprised that by the time we finished this trail we had hiked over a mile. Thank goodness it was only about 93 degrees when we finished, that was way too hot for hiking!

2 thoughts on “Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

  1. You have us doing a study on the atlas to see where you’re at. Those pictures are absolutely amazing we are so happy for you and your adventure. Lalie & Paul

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