8/29-9/2 Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah

It just keeps getting better and better! How can there be so many mountain views and they are all different? I have no words for the beauty I am seeing, with each moment of awe I am giving my gratitude to God for His masterful work.

At Watchman campground the mountains soar all around us, it’s hard to capture the beauty…but we are nestled in for a couple days to enjoy and explore this place.

Of course the first thing we did was get our bikes down and go for a ride. The Pa’rus trail was 3.5 miles round trip, it was so much fun! The trail was paved for the most part so the ride was wonderful.

We enjoyed it so much we decided to walk it the next morning so we could take pictures.

It was early and thankfully a cloudy day. We walked this trail from our campground, it was a mile to where it started at the visitors center and another 1.75 miles to the end.

We could have rode the bus up into the canyon from the visitors center but we decided to walk to the next bus stop which was at the end of the Pa’rus trail, we figured that would be a really nice walk of 2.75 miles by then.

When we got to the second bus stop we found out that it was closed.

We had two choices, one would be to walk up into the bus route which was allowed and was another 12 miles to the end. (ok, this really wasn’t a choice) or we could walk back to the visitor centers bus stop, get on the bus and take it up the 12 miles to “The Narrows”, which was where it ended and everyone had to get off the bus.

By the time we got back to the visitors center we had walked 4.5 miles! We could walk another mile back to the campground or get on the bus. We got on the bus.

Along, the bus route are several stops where you can get off and go explore other hikes and then get back on the bus and ride it to the next stop.

It was a beautiful, if not death defying ride up into the canyon. The road was very narrow, and buses were coming and going on it all day long. (no cars allowed)

If you wanted to ride a bike up you could, however, everytime a bus came by the bus had the right of way and you had to take your bike and pull over. We didn’t see many places to pull over and wait for a bus to go by, but there were lots of people riding bikes.

The Narrows, is one of the most famous hikes in Zion National Park. It consists of a 2 mile hike on a paved trail, the first 400ft being pretty flat and wheelchair accessible.

At the 2 mile point many people start walking in the creek, they can continue on another 9 miles. We learned that it’s ankle deep and then chin deep, just that fast, plus you are walking on stones the whole way. There’s an outfitters shop in Springdale which will rent you special water shoes for this hike as well as hiking staffs and other gear.

We thought we could at least walk the first 400ft, we had rested on the bus and felt better.

So off we went!

It was so beautiful…

After Paul saved us from the falling boulder we walked on.

It was a fun and interesting paved walkway into the gorge. The trail went down and up and seemingly around the mountain until we got to the end of the trail and there was nothing but water.

We couldn’t believe we had walked another 2 miles!

We didn’t have cell service but I had started the Pa’rus trail hike on my Alltrails app and it just kept recording, really thought this was funny, so I had to share, it recorded everything including the bus ride. We actually ended our day with just over 8 miles of actual walking, not a record for us but one of our top 5.

National Parks are a wonder and we’ve enjoyed yet another one to our fullest, thanks Zion.

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