9/4 Grand Canyon Caverns RV Park Peach Springs, AZ

Camel Camel suggested we take the road less traveled so we went down Historic Route 66 when we left Lake Meade, NV on our way to Williams, AZ.

There were only a couple of places open on this part of the iconic road, the gas station- soda fountain-grocery store turned tourist stop was one of them. Hackleberry General store had more stuff to look at than you could grasp without just standing there and scanning the small shop.

We had always wanted to drive the Route 66 road, we had an extra day that I had not planned or gotten a reservation for. (it was an accident) When I realized we needed another overnight before our reservations in Williams I tried to get another night at our up coming campground and anywhere in between.

Well, let me tell you there was not a spot open anywhere, it was Labor Day weekend, what did I expect?!

Following Route 66 we were going through Peach Springs, AZ and they had a campground called Grand Canyon Caverns RV Park, it was the only place for miles and miles.

We decided to stop for the night.

Life is an adventure, right. This place was an adventure for sure…

We went into the office, and found out that the RV park was also a motel and it had a pool, which we were allowed to use. Bonus! Then we were told to drive up the hill about a mile and pick any campsite we wanted. They all had electric and water.

It was our first time camping in the dirt since we went to Yuma last December. Most places we’ve stayed at since then have had asphalt roads and gravel to park in if not concrete and sometimes even a concrete patio.

We drove down the dusty road to our dusty campsite and along the way we found a few new friends…

To say this place was quirky was an understatement, and we do love quirky.

We enjoyed our overnight. But Camel Camel was ready to hit the road, so off we went.

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