9/5-9/10 Grand Canyon Railway RV Park Williams, AZ

We are staying in Williams for 5 days. We love it when we can stay long enough to get to know the city we’re staying in.

After our last campground we are really glamping now! The Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is really nice. Paved roads and campsites, no need to worry about getting level, we just drove in and we were. Nice new hookups for water, electric and sewer. I guess it’s the newest and nicest campground we’ve stayed at so far. We even did our laundry in their sparkling clean laundry area this morning!

We had a nice surprise last night as we were able to sit at the end of our campsite driveway and watch fireworks in the sky. The fireworks for the 4th of July were canceled because of high fire potential, so they threw everything they had into the fireworks for Labor Day.

Thanks Williams. πŸ™‚

We are across the street from the Grand Canyon Railway, which we will take into the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning, we are very excited! I’ve never ridden a real train and we’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, more bucket list check offs!

The city of Williams seems to be a unique and fun place. We decided that we would walk a block a day and eat at a really unique place each day on that block.

It’s not a big city, so we only get to do this for 3 days. lol

Here are pictures for day one of our “block a day dining”.

That was a fun evening, complete with a western show in the street.

The next day we went to the Grand Canyon on the Grand Canyon Railway. Having never been on a train I didn’t really know what to expect. It was a pleasant ride in air conditioned train cars, the seats were “mostly” comfortable. By the end of the day I was sure grateful for both!

We were serenaded and treated to entertainment most of the way. We had a few cowboys come through our car and we even had a couple of bandits on horses try to chase down the train. They came through the train car, we had previously been told that if we handed them our money things would go much better for us. πŸ˜‰

See what looks like a telephone pole? It’s actually a telegraph line, most of the wires aren’t completely attached pole to pole anymore but there are still some of the glass insulators on them.

We were serenaded on the way back as well.

Riding the train was a fun experience and we sure enjoyed just sitting and resting on the way back.

But once we got off the train we walked up several flights of stairs to the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Now this is jaw dropping!

I took a hundred pictures I’m sure! Alot of them were with the sun at the wrong angle and so they are washed out even with my “fixing”.

We stayed at the Grand Canyon Railway RV park so that we could walk to the train station from our campground. By the time we got back home that night we had walked over 4 miles in 90 degree weather, it wasn’t easy, but hey, this was the Grand Canyon!

We stopped everytime there was spot of shade. The ledge around the south rim area was only knee high in most places, a couple places there was nothing between us and the depth of the Grand Canyon!

It was an amazing place, filled with the history of early adventurer’s like the Kobe brothers and Mary Colter. The brothers built the first “studio, house” on the side of the mountain. They filmed a movie and showed it and their art work in the house, over the years it had been added onto 4 times. Mary was one of the first female American architects and designers of her time, she designed many of the buildings on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Books have been written about these people, what they achieved was truly amazing for the time.

I didn’t get many pictures of the buildings, I was so awestruck by the canyon and a little overcome by the heat. But there’s lots of pictures and information on google about these early adventurer’s. I couldn’t get in any closer but you might be able to pinch these pictures out and see the building and landings, see the people on the left picture, amazing.

In this picture below can you see the tiny, thin lines? Those tiny lines are roads, whoa, kinda puts it all into prespective!

We were pretty amazed by the tunnel, there were many switch backs that led to and through the tunnel, it was part of the trail down into the canyon. We had desided not to take that hike, 3 miles down and 3 miles back up. Nope, just nope.

Orginally I had wanted to stay at the campgrounds here at the south rim but even though I made reservations almost 6 months ago, those parks were full.

I think we will be back, the Grand Canyon has not seen the last of us. πŸ˜‰

Our second night of “block a day dining” was after we had spent the day at the Grand Canyon and we were tired and hungry (not quite hangry yet) lol

We went to the Pizza Factory and had a really great pizza. (and the chocolate chip cookie pizza wasn’t bad either) πŸ˜‰ I was more amazed by the sun coming through the clouds and so only got the little sign, but it was a cute little sign.

Our final day in Williams we rode our bikes around for awhile.

We talked to a couple who where eating lunch at a table in the park, they had put over 300,000 miles on their car which they lived in full time, whoa! They were about our age and had a powered refrigerator and 12v tiny crock pot, they seemed to have it all figured out. (we didn’t ask them where they showered or went potty) ;0 lol

Here are some fun pictures of our day…

We chose this restaurant for our final “block a day dining”

The burgers and sweet potato fries were great and of course Paul had to have a chocolate malt. (now we have to go on a diet!) lol

Today we leave Williams, AZ. We have had a lot of fun exploring and crossing things off our bucket lists.

We are onto Camp Verde, Az. I tried to get us reservations from Flagstaff all the way to Phoenix. I should add in the price range we wanted to pay. (over $2000 for the month wasn’t it) But honestly there wasn’t anything available.

I kept reseaching campgrounds and finally found this one, it’s called Krazy K RV park. It’s a 55 plus park and we will be staying there for a month.

We have an appointment in Prescott to repair our frig which quit working and another appointment in Phoenix for an oil change. We hope to visit Sedona and all the surrounding areas on day trips in our car (and hopefully on our bikes) from our campground during this month, and to float in their pool alot since the temps will be in the high 90’s each day.

This is our “real life” right now, complete with tons of fun and sure, some challenages.

Change is one of the only constants in this life, it happens all the time. We don’t always handle change or challenages with grace but we try.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Williams with us, follow us on down the road to see where else we can explore. πŸ™‚

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