9/10-10/10 Camp Verde, AZ

9/10-9/17~Krazy K RV campground is a 55 plus campground.

It’s small only 48 sites and the majority of the people live here full time. But they made room for us and for that we are greatful. We have so much we want to do in the area and this will be a great home base.

Guess you can tell what priority #1 was. Of course with temperature’s like these who could blame us.

My days run together, sometimes I can’t remember what I did yesterday… that’s what a blog is good for. If nothing else I can use it as my “memory base” and maybe the bonus is that I can take my friends along with me.

Let’s get some coffee.

We were in Prescott by 9am after going down the wrong road that almost gave me a heart attack it was soooo narrow.

But our Frig WORKS now and that’s the most important thing. We bought a cooler that was supposed to keep ice for 7 days, later we realized that is 7 days if you never open it.

It worked well enough if you don’t mind wiping everything off every time you take something out because all the ice melted. Now we have a huge cooler we really don’t need. Sigh…

The place we took our frig to (well, in the RV) was called Little Dealer Little Prices, which is a really weird name but turned out to have super nice service people who took really good care of us.

The whole inside of the place was painted with murals, the covered wagon is actually the service desk. All the offices are little log cabins, it was an experience just to walk around and look at everything.

We decided to do a little early morning site seeing and went to Montezuma’s castle and the Well.

This picture shows the 5 floors of the castle, not what I expected. Native Americans would carve out of the side of the mountains different floors for different uses. They made wooden ladders to get to the different floors and then pulled them up at night for protection.

This picture shows a part of the castle that was reconstructed, the white area above and behind the reconstructed red area is original.

The most important thing for them was a water source. Below is a circular fresh water source they called The Well. You can see that there are more homes built into the mountain wall around it.

We enjoyed checking these areas out. We cheated and took the above picture from the other side, we could have walked down 105 steps to check it out but then we’d have to walk 105 back up. It was already 97 degrees, we were good, it was time to go home.

When we got back Camel Camel was enjoying a nap, we decided that was a good idea and took one too.

Today we took the MH to the Ford dealership in Phoenix for an oil change, you can’t take this thing just anywhere, it has a Ford 350hp engine, we are good to go for another 5000 miles!

The possiblities are endless…but Camel Camel wants to see the grandkids so Oct 10 we will start heading that way on Route 66, highway 40.

But until then we are off the clock and looking for fun! 😉

2 thoughts on “9/10-10/10 Camp Verde, AZ

  1. We need to put Phoenix on our bucket list. I love the castle. We are on our way to Florida right now. Enjoy your stay and be safe in your travels.

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    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, the castle is in Camp Verde, we are going to explore all the little cities around our campground so stay tuned! lol I’m so happy you are enjoying my blog, it makes it fun to do it knowing you are looking at it. Safe travels to you guys too, are you going to be in Florida for awhile? We are spending the winter there this year.


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