9/10-10/10 Camp Verde,AZ

9/17-9/24~week two

We had taken the MH to the outskirts of Phoenix to a Ford dealership to get the oil changed.

We had to go through some mountain passes to get there. I normally I have my face in my laptop, I just can’t take the up and down and curves all at once.

I felt the MH jerk really hard and Paul actually said “WHOA!” We had taken a gust of wind on an outside curve as we decended quite a steep downward grade. Paul had both hands tightly on the wheel trying to keep our home on the ground.

Let me tell you that was scary! But we are fine, thanks to Pauls awareness we did not go flying off the mountain. lol

Before covid we would just take off to do things, shopping, sight seeing any day of the week. Now we think “how crowded will it be?” We stay home and get projects done on the weekend to avoid the crowds who have to go on the weekend because they work during the week.

Ahhh retirement, gives us so many options.

So, we stayed “home” Paul put a new facet on our tiny bathroom sink. I thought I had taken a picture of the old facet but I guess I didn’t. Here’s the new one, thanks Paul. Now we can actually get our hands under the facet. Life is not always glamorous when you’re RVing. ;p

It’s Monday and we feel like we could do some sight seeing and avoid crowds by going during the week.

Ha! We took the Scenic Drive into Sedona on 179, it was so cool how the landscape changed from hills covered in green to green and red as we came around a bend heading into Sedona and then all red. The Red Rocks are a real thing. Here are some pictures of the drive…

There are rock formations everywhere you look! I’m constantly saying “look at that!”

There are pulloffs along the road with small parking lots where you can park and take pictures, at most of them there’s a trailhead that leads to the rock formation.

At everyone we stopped at there were no parking spots open! So much for thinking we were avoiding the crowds!

So, Paul drove around the parking lot while I jumped out and tried to take pictures that didn’t have peoples heads in them. lol

The names of the rock formations are Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Courthouse Rock, Little Horse, Chapel of the Holy Cross and Snoopy Rock. I will try and put pictures in order;

So, putting them in order was a joke. lol Honestly, I just lost track of which was which because they were just amazing! But I tried. 🙂

Going into the city of Sedona for the first time was stunning too, it looked like right in the middle of all the mountains someone decided to plop down a city.

We walked around the town a bit, it was pretty crowded too. It got hot quick, it was 95 at 3 pm, we decided to leave and come back again. Maybe the trailheads won’t be so packed and we will get to take a hike, the weather is supposed to cool off into the upper 80’s. ;p

On Wednesday we went to Tuzigoot (Apache for “crooked water”) what an interesting place.

I was drawn to the rock formations that were actually remnants of the Southern Sinagua village built between 1000 and 1400. It crowns the summit of a long ridge rising 120 feet above the Verde Valley.

The orginal pueblo was two stories high in places, with 87 ground-floor rooms. There were few exterior doors; entry was by ladders through roof openings.

Paul was trying to stay out of the shots but I thought he added a bit of perspective. Whole families lived in one of these small rooms.

This is one of the National Monuments in the National Park system here, free to us with the Access pass. We love our National treasures.

4 thoughts on “9/10-10/10 Camp Verde,AZ

  1. It’s fun to watch you guys doing the same things that we did in the spring of 2020. Brings back great memories. We were there before the height of Covid, and it wasn’t hot yet, so we were able to do a bit more. I hope you are able to get out early enough to do the Courthouse Butte Loop. Get to the parking lot by 8:30 and you should be good! As you have discovered, there is no “slow” time for Sedona — always crowded!

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